Atlas shrugged, too

Obamacare got its day in court. But I wonder if it really matters whether we keep it, or not. The underpinnings of our society are shifting in chaos. Unless a just and merciful God intervenes, I wonder if my child will know half of the freedoms and advantages I have known.

Atlas Shrugged 2 is being filmed. They offered Jerry Doyle a part as a stand in. On his show today, he turned them down. I understand. Its not so much that he doesn’t want to play a part in awakening our society. Its just….who really wants to have their role relegated into insignificance?

After all, isn’t that what it is all about. Jerry Doyle wants to matter, so he wants to do voice overs….or at least, do something more effective than having a bit part as a stand in. Obama wants to matter. So he drums up this health care agenda, and rams it down our throats whether we like it or not. (To me, I can’t help but think that he wasted a perfect opportunity. If he’d done more selling it to the American people, and acted less like Big Brother, people that hate and fear him would probably love him instead). And I want to matter. So, after a long day on the dreary job, I come home and plunk out another post, hoping that at least one person will see it, and maybe….just maybe…..wake up.

How are we Americans supposed to wake up every day, leave our families, go to work, come home, and repeat the drill day after day while our government makes bureaucratic statements with no connection to reality? Michael Savage, Savage Nation, Pg. 142.

Ron Paul intellectually pummels Mitt Romney into submsission

Big government, big corporations, all expect us to buy the party line without doing any thinking of our own. We’re just supposed to accept the Big Lie, smile with confidence, and go back to work, doing what we are told. We don’t need our own opinions. If we needed them, Big Brother would have told us so. Remember, war is peace.

The ability of a country to pay taxes must always be proportional in a great degree to the quantity of money in circulation and to the celerity with which it circulates.- Hamilton. Federalist 12.

Ron Paul on the U. S. banking system

You’ve heard of the Golden Rule….? No, not the one that Ron Paul quoted and got booed for! The other one! The real one (in the minds of the despots who seek to enslave us). He who owns the gold makes the rules. So, the big corporations, the big banks, and the big government bureaucrats all try to manipulate the money. Why? So they can manipulate us! They can enslave us, while maintaining a fiction that we are free. Remember, freedom is slavery.

It is evident…that it is impratisable to raise any very considerable sums by direct taxation. Tax laws have in vain been multiplied, new methods to enforce the collections have in vain been tried, the public expectation has been uniformly dissapointed, and the treasuries of the States have remained empty.- Hamilton Federalist 12.

Ron Paul on taxes

Ron Paul: “income tax=involuntary servitude

As George Orwell so eloquently stated in 1984, its not enough to merely have power  over people. In order to prove that you have power over the people, you must make them suffer.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face-forever. George Orwell, 1984

Some of the book is hard to take, but here are some of the best quotes for those that want a Cliff’s Notes version:


But then, we really don’t want people reading. Ignorance is strength.




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Jeff, here is a good catalog of dystopian fiction. I hope my readers enjoy it!
Its reblogged from

Stories by Williams

Lately, I’ve been feeling kind of dystopian! Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m working on an anthology of dark science fiction with some fellow writer’s over at Goodreads (called Writer’s Worth). Or it might just be that this seemed like the next logical step in the whole “conceptual science fiction” thing. Regardless, when it comes to the future, sci-fi writers love to speculate, and it usually takes one of two forms. Either humanity lives in a utopian society, where technology, time and evolution have ferreted out our various weaknesses. Or, we live in a dystopian world, where humanity has either brought itself to the brink of annihilation or is living in dark, polluted and overpopulated environments, the result of excess and environmental degradation.

As with all things science fiction, the aim here is to use speculative worlds of the future to offer commentary on today. As William Gibson, himself…

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Silent Running: the still, small voice of the Ron Paul revolution

Mega-millions are sought by lottery players. But will wealth save any of us?

People are playing the lottery like crazy, hoping that they can get rich quick. They are desperate to be free from jobs that they abhor. They long for freedom and liberty….and they haven’t the first idea of what it is. When we fought the Revolution, we were immensely less wealthy than either the British Empire we were fighting, or the French Kingdom that was our ally.

Don’t get me wrong. Money is a big deal. The Bible has a lot to say about it. Our Founding Father‘s were mostly wealthy men, who wanted a capitalist society so that the citizen could have a shot at a better life. But the Founding Father’s also knew that money, while a great servant, was a horrible, harsh master.

In these modern times, we claim that we are seeking a society free from the social ills of poverty. Ironically, instead of fixing  poverty (didn’t somebody say, “The poor ye have with ye always…..hmmm….) we have reconstructed Mammon’s temples. We worship money, and call that caring. We worship greed, and call that compassion. Our souls have dollar amounts assigned, and we dare not presume to be worth one penny more.

Strange….even if you don’t believe in Jesus, you have to be struck by the contrast between the modern man, that sees no problem with degrading a fellow human being, and the Christ that believed that each of us was worth every last drop of His precious blood.

I’m still reading The Federalist Papers. Right now, the topic of these papers has moved on from the Constitution and its impact on the Union, to its impact on the economy. I’ll comment a little on what I have read, and finish with a rant about the song, Silent Running.

That unequaled spirit of enterprise, which signalizes the genius of the American merchants and navigators and which is in itself an inexhaustible mine of national wealth, would be stifled and lost, and poverty and disgrace would overspread a country which with wisdom might make herself the admiration and envy of the world.- Hamilton, Federalist 11.

These words were written in a time of political turmoil. Our nation was riddled with debt incurred by war, held in derision by neighboring powers, and at a loss for direction in government. Sound familiar?

The Constitution was established to deal with all of these problems. And by turning our back on our Constitution, we have invited all of these problems back into our nation.

But like the demon cast out of the unfortunate man, these demons return finding the emptiness of our hearts. Finding everything in order for them, they have returned with a legion of friends. And we not only don’t fight them…we simply invite them back in.

We were once one nation under God.

Now, we are one nation under the dollar….or is it dolor……?

Instead of seeking God, instead of getting our house in order, instead of fixing the leaks, we just keep going for short-term quick fixes. We have cancer, and want to treat it with an aspirin and a band-aid. We’ve been high on spending funny money for years, and we have to have our next fix.

You see, as this video demonstrates, the only way the Fed has left to pay its debt is to hyper-inflate our currency. Does anybody else remember what led to the rise of Hitler, and WW II? Can we say Weimar Republic?

Ok….I started this story on my update of our “about” page. I think I will finish it here. When I was a kid, I played football. It seemed like I was doing some good, whether I really was….only God knows (kinda like this blog, huh?) I came home from a difficult game, and this video was playing when I got home.

Mike & the Mechanicssilent running

The power of this song has haunted me all of my life. I can’t do it justice in fifty words, but I’ll try.

“Don’t believe the church and state, and everything they tell you.” Don’t get me wrong. I’m a Christian. I believe every word Christ said. But I know that lies are sown in our churches nearly as often as they are outside. If we are to “fight” this revolution, we have to base  everything on the truth. And as for the government-media complex…..I don’t believe 20% of the things they tell us.

“Better you should pray to God, the Father and the Spirit will guide you and protect you from up here.” Guns, money, politics, all pail before the awesome power of the Almighty.

“Teach the children quietly, for someday sons and daughters will rise up and fight where we stood still.”

God knows, my generation has largely stood still. I pray that my son is a stronger, better fighter than his father.


 October Baby and Hunger Games….what our movies tell us about the American people

The top movies in the box office currently are Hunger Games and October Baby. There’s  a lot of things that could be said about them, but I think its interesting that two thought provoking movies should be at the top of the charts, momentarily.

I think that Hunger Games is on top because people are afraid that the Republic is going to collapse. Just like in the seventies, when similar movies were popular. We see our freedoms dissolving, we see corruption in our leadership, we see disunity and complete contempt for our Constitution and the Bible. We know that unless God relents, unless the people repent, the good times of the past are finished. Perhaps never to return. In the seventies we saw Logan’s Run, Planet of the Apes, Omega Man, , Silent Running,Soylent Green. All of these films spoke to the despair we felt. Of coarse, we long for hope, and so movies full of hope tended to outsell and outlas the other. Hence, the success of Star Wars and Star Trek. (Yeah, I know….Star Trek was more about the sixties and eighties….but you get the point!)

I grew up in the seventies. I remember the bleakness and negativity of the times. It had quite an impact on me. To this day, I find it hard to be very positive. I want to be optimistic, but it is hard to be. These times remind me of those times.

Soylent Green Trailer

Soylent Green is people!

So, of coarse, in those times, I thought that I would be a Charlton Heston hero. I thought that if such dark times came, I would be the great hero that would change the world and cause the Great Awakening that would stop the evil and bring love and peace to the world. As I got older, I at least thought that I would fight the Great Darkness if ever such times came, and be no part of the disgusting corruption of our times.

So, of coarse, now I segue into the second movie, October Baby. Since we are now a nation that has no problem drinking and eating fetal tissue, I think it strange that there are still enough people that value life enough to watch this movie. But there it is. Facts are stubborn things. I know that Neal Bortz feels that the abortion issue will destroy the Republican party.

Neal Boorz-GOP should stick to fiscal issues, abortion scares away fence-sitters

Now, I have very mixed feelings about this whole debacle. On one hand, I feel very strongly about the value of human life, and that we shouldn’t be playing God, and that abortion is a horrible, terrible thing. But then again….where in the Constitution does it say anything about abortion? I’ve looked….I can’t find it. The Constitution says nothing about abortion at all, and by the Tenth Amendment, that means that abortion is the realm of the private citizens or the states. On that hand, I seem to be agreeing with Neal Boortz.

But then, so many people do feel so strongly about the issue. And on both sides of the camp. And both sides raise up very excellent points.

So what are we to do, as a society?

One of the reasons I chose Ron Paul as my candidate of choice, is because he comes closest to the position I take. Abortion is morally wrong, but the Federal government should have no say about it whatsoever. It shouldn’t tell a women whether or not to get an abortion. The Federal government is not her conscious, is not her priest, is not her father, mother, or (Big) brother/sister. I get that Roe v. Wade, was austensibly a decision made to protect the women that were being forced to have unwanted pregnancies. I don’t trust our government, so I wonder if that is really what it was about, but I also realize how careful I have to be. The views I’ve expressed basically make everyone mad. The right wingers think its too weak of a position, and the feminist thinks I’m trying to tell her what to do.

Ron Paul on abortion and stem cell research

Lastly, one of the big themes of October Baby is forgiveness. The Christian church has been guilty of bashing women in the past. Now, it is much less guilty of that, but it has let the media run away with the whole issue. We know that part of the whole issue is that families were not strong enough to nurture women and teach them to be strong. So women did things in moments of weakness, and felt they couldn’t turn to their churches or families. So they turned to the federal government, and Big Brother was only too happy to provide a shoulder for women to cry on.

If we as a people are living the precepts of Christ, there will be no, or at least little, need for all of these laws and beaurocratical tangles.

Colossians 3:13-14: Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances yo9u may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.

Gaither Vocal Band-Please Forgive Me

Everyday is new day with Jesus…Spring is new time

Isaish 43:19 says:  “See I am doing a new thing!  Now, it springs up; do you not perceive it?”  “I am making a way in desert and streams in the wasteland.”

Spring is start of  new time and new day.

Matthew 17:20 says:  He replied “Because you have so little faith.  I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, “Move from here to there and it will move.  Nothing will be impossible for you.”

For anyone that has no faith and is struggling with crisis or has given up hope that is scripture for you.   Today is new day and Spring is new time.


Can the Republic stand?

The first day of Spring has arrived. Its a day for new beginnings, new births, revival of the dead earth. Winter is over, the world is warming, Nature seems to be smiling at us.

And yet, I feel a little somber. I want to be optimistic, but it is hard for me to be. I watch the freedoms of my country erode away, and I don’t know what I can do about it. I write my little posts, and wonder about my own sanity. I took a break from politics, last week. I wrote a post about St. Patrick. The thing that I love about Saints (I’m not a Catholic, but I seem to revere the Saints more as the years go by) is that they transcend politics. The tyrants may conquer territory, abuse freedoms, and destroy innocence. Yet certain Saints still impact the world in spite of having little or no worldly power. I think Mother Theresa did more real good than Obama, both Bush’s, Clinton, Reagan, and Carter all combined.

But then, we live in a Republic. That means that we still (arguably) have a responsibility to participate in the process.

As some of you know,one of my favorite authors is C. S. Lewis. I can’t remember which of his works it was, but I remember him writing somewhere that he was not optimistic for the future of his country. He felt that Britain was becoming less Christian, less safe, and less free.

And that is just how I feel about our Republic, right now. I put a picture of a rainbow on this post, partly to evoke spring, but partly to remind myself of the promises of God. He promises to protect our souls and provide for our needs if we will follow and obey. But our country is rife with deception and greed. There is wrath and cruelty abiding in my own heart. How can we expect Him to bless us, when we (myself included) are so very disobedient of Him…..?

So I hope those that read this will forgive my digression. Forgive me for trying to stir myself up to do something that I hope…I think….is right.

Some of you who follow this blog know that I’m a Ron Paul supporter. One of my griefs has been how poorly he seems to be doing in the various caucus’ and primaries. So this random post is my effort to shake some of the mental cobwebs away.

And no….I’ve not forgotten that I’m still reading The Federalist Papers, and trying to share some of the insights from this treatise from our Founding Fathers.

1. History has shown an eternal struggle between the forces of order, and the forces of chaos. Democracies have historically been put down as chaotic and evil.

From the disorders that disfigure the annals of those republics [Greece, Rome, Carthage] the advocates of despotism have drawn arguments, not only against the forms of republican government, but against the very principles of civil liberty. Hamilton, Federalist 9.

Tyrants like disorder. It gives them the excuses they need in order to be tyrants. Big Brother combs his mustache and declares, “You need me….don’t you remember how bad things were before me…..don’t you remember all the riots….the food shipments not getting to the people on time….the trains, plains, and buses all running late….? Thanks to me….all of that is in the past….”

A brief history of tyranny in America

I posted this video because the chaos of these time, the terrors of 9/11, have caused people to believe that it was our freedoms that caused the terrorists the opportunities to attack us. But that is simply not true. And its time to decide….are we a free democratic republic….or some mild form of tyranny…?

2. Our Founding Father‘s valued liberty as much or more than life itself. They chose to risk their lives for liberty. What are we willing to die for?

But it could be no less folly to abolish liberty, which is essential to political life, because it nourishes factions than it would be to wish the annihilation of air, which is essential to animal life, because it imparts to fire its destructive agency.- Madison, Federalist 10.

I sometimes feel as though my job was slowly sucking the life out of me. Those of you who know me best know what I mean (and why I vaguely hide my identity, so that Randomco won’t discover my displeasure, and terminate me). I sell a product that is popular, and that is great and fine….but it isn’t worth my life. Randomco cannot replace me. Yes, they can hire another individual to take my place. But my death would leave my wife widowed and my son half orphaned. All the money in the world is not worth that.

But freedom is.

Dr. Ron Paul : protect life, protect liberty

I’m not sure about this one, but I’ll post it anyway. I’ve talked to too many veterans. This may not be 100% accurate, but there is just enough truth here that I think its acceptable to watch. Verify it if you can. Deny it if you can. But by all means, do some thinking and praying about where our country stands.

Former CIA black ops member confesses NWO plan




St. Patrick and the truth about the shamrock

St. Patrick. Without him, we would be a different civilization today.

My love of St. Patrick began when I was well into my twenties.  When I was a kid, I knew very little (heck, I probably still know very little) about my Irish heritage. Dad would tell me stories about how the Irish and the Dutch in our small home town just didn’t get along. I knew that we were Irish, and the quaint Mennonites were all Dutch. And that was pretty much that.

I began to fall in love with Celtic things when I was twenty. That was when I first heard Clannad. They had a video on a fly-by-night video channel that came and went my sophomore year in college. But it was beautiful and haunting, and I never forgot it. Here it is.

Clannad- I will find you

So I started doing a little reading and researching into my heritage. Along the way, I stumbled across Loreena Mckennit and her music. One of her albums was The Book of Secrets. Here is the prologue to that album.

Loreena McKennitt “Prologue” The book of secrets

So being a complete geek, I actually read all the stuff on the cd cover. And she mentions this 1500 year old Bible, The Book of Kells. And she says something about Thomas Cahill‘s How the Irish Saved Civilization. Back then I was broke as a convict, so I went without a few meals, and I bought the book.



So, like the Shamrock, there are three things to be said about St. Patrick that are being forgotten today.

1. Forgiveness is the grace that will lead us home.

St. Patrick was actually English. He was captured and enslaved by Irish pirates. Yet, he forgave them, and brought the Word of God to them. I’ve worked fairly hard in my life. I only have a vague idea of what true slavery is like. But I can tell you, I don’t have Christian thoughts toward my employees. I think if I got free of them…I might give them something very different from the Word of God……(but I guess that’s why he’s a Saint, and I ain’t!!!)

Here’s a cute version of the story.

St. Patrick

2. Scholarship is important, no matter what your station or  so-called intelligence.

Anyhow, there is an amazing story in How the Irish Saved Civilization, about a man who was exploring Ireland in the eighteenth century. He was being ferried across a river, and noticed that the ferryman’s son was reading aloud to his father….in Latin! This simple, humble lad was being taught Latin by his own father. And it turned out that the family had owned the book for hundreds of years. Until about 1840, that was not a totally uncommon thing in Ireland. Books nearly as old as The Book of Kells were the textbooks for simple farm boys. Education was felt to be essential by even the simplest of people.

And it turned out that there was over a millennium of tradition, going back to the monks that had been taught by St. Patrick himself. A tradition of scholarship and humble Christian service. And without those Irish monks, many of the Roman works of antiquity would be lost to us today.

3. We can find profound truths in the natural world that surrounds us.

While the Veggietales video makes fun of paganism, that world view still had a powerful hold on the mind of men back then. Even the greatest saints were at least somewhat influenced by it. Perhaps that is why Patrick could relate to pagans. He had a similar view of nature. He revered nature, not so much because She was holy, but because Her Father was Holy.  I won’t debate the Trinity here (or even the existence of God) but the best example of the principle before the twentieth century was St. Patrick’s metaphor of the shamrock. Other than some writing by C. S. Lewis, I have found nothing that explained the concept of the Trinity better.

Patrick’s Rune:

In this fateful hour

I call on all heaven with its power

And the sun with its brightness

And the snow with its whiteness

The fire with all the strength it hath

And the lightning with its rapid wrath

The winds with their swiftness

The sea with its deepness

The rocks with their steepness

And the earth with its starkness

All these I place

By God’s almighty help and grace

Between myself and the powers of darkness

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Mitt Romney…you can be the Republican nominee….if the price is right!!!!

Girl Scouts hundredth anniversary. We want girls to be strong...unless they disagree with us....

Because the Republican party isn’t making big enough fools of themselves, HBO is making a movie to remind us that Sarah Palin is inferior. The movie is called, Game Change. I really don’t know why the liberal media elite is wasting its time on the subject. Opinion of Sarah Palin notwithstanding, she’s not in the race. She’s not a threat to the Democrat party. The only reason to drag her under the mud now is either to just rub the oppositions nose in their failures, or simply to show HBO as the misogynistic hypocrites they really are.

But I digress.

The liberal media still gloats over the defeat of John McCain. And they think they can do it again with the Hollow Man, Mitt Romney, who they are trying to set up as the nominee so that Obama can have an easy win. Right now, it kind of looks like they may succeed. Which is one reason why I haven’t written in a while. Work has been crazy, and I’m kind of down on the whole world, right now.

Which is exactly the wrong attitude. Jesus wouldn’t let this stuff get Him down.

Right now, I’m still reading The Federalist Papers. Hamilton, in Federalist 8, is revealing the evils of a standing army.

This is absolutely an idea not embraced by either major political party. We’ve had a major standing army since WW II. It seems archaic to think of America without a standing army. I personally think that we live in times that necessitate standing armies. But I think we do need to consider what Hamilton says on the subject.

1. Standing armies tend to prop up the executive branch of government, often at the expense of the legislature and civil liberties.

They [standing armies] would, at the same time, be necessitated to strengthen the executive arm of government, in doing which their constitutions would acquire a progressive direction toward monarchy. It is the nature of war to increase the executive at the expense of the legislative authority.-Hamilton. Federalist 8.

Let’s face it. All of us were willing to give up some of our civil liberties, after 9/11, for a little security. But I wonder if we have gone to far? I wonder if the terrorists have ultimately won? I wonder if what they wanted all along was to take our liberties from us?

And what if 9/11 was just the excuse The Powers That Be needed in order to take complete control? My last major was psychology. I found a video on-line that is related. I warn you, it is a little slow. It’s just a college professor giving a boring lecture. But if you can deal with the tedium of it, it is very informative. Anyone that has read C. S. LewisThat Hideous Strength will be reminded of the strange combination of science, religion, military and state in that book.

Is America a police state? The role of psychiatry

2. Even before 1984, Hamilton was warning that the mantra of a police state would be, “War is peace!”

The perpetual menacing of danger oblige the government to be always prepared to repel, its armies must be numerous enough for instant defense.. The continual necessity for their services enhances the importance of the soldier, and proportionally degrades the condition of the citizen. The inhabitants of territories, often the theater of war, are unavoidably subjected to the frequent infringements of their rights; which serve to weaken their sense of those rights, and by degrees the people are brought to consider the soldiery not only as their protectors but as their superiors.-Hamilton. Federalist 8

If you need a perfect example of the above statement, just do some research on feudal Japan. The Samarai were the ruling class. And they were the warrior class. (And sometimes, I almost think they were right…..but I digress again…..)

I cannot exactly prove that the government has set up this state of perpetual war, but I found a video that i think is very intriguing in its implications.

Green light to attack Kuait revealed by Ron Paul

PLEASE DO NOT GET ME WRONG! I am absolutely pro-military. I know too many veterans. The best people I know have either seen war, or, at least, have served their country honorably. But I am absolutely against a police state. Twenty years ago, I could never have imagined that things would get this bad, without me firing a shot, or at least doing something drastic in order to change the state of things. But I’m afraid that I am spineless. All I do is “lift things up and put them down!”

And type on my little blog.

Ain’t it funny how many hundreds of thousand of soldiers we can recruit with nerve. But we can’t find one politician in a million with backbone.-Will Rogers, Feb. 18, 1929.

We stand up for Jesus everyday…

On this blog we will take a stand for Jesus.  After all in Deuteronomy 8:18 “But remember the Lord your God, for it s he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your forefathers, as it is today.”

The bible is our guide and we live by it.  in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 it says”Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God?  Do not be deceived:  Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanders nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.”

If we did not take a stand for Jesus and the Bible then the blood would be on our hands.  Ezekiel 33:6 “But if the watchmen sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes life of one them, that man will be taken way because of his sin, but i will hold the watchman accountable for his blood.”

We agree with Kirk Cameron and we back him 100%.  He took a stand for Jesus and we are so thankful that he did.

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