Ron Paul’s speech in Oklahoma City: tenants of a revolution

Ron Paul was in Oklahoma City this Sunday. I live in the Tulsa area, but I couldn’t go, because my retail job pretty much demands that I work Saturday (and get drilled into the ground….but that is another story).  And I’d like to thank a friend of my Sister in-law’s for the photo.

This is the speech that he gave.

Ron Paul Oklahoma City rally 2/25/12

And you can find an a more complete version at Unedited You can find a lot of candidate videos there, without superfluous commentary.

For those that aren’t patient enough to watch it (or simply have trouble getting videos to work) I’ll give a few of the highlights in this post, and give some of my personal thoughts on Ron Paul’s ideas.

One interesting thing to me came from both this speech, and from the last debate. Ron Paul said that his fellow Republicans would not listen to the moral argument for keeping us out of extraneous wars, so he tried to appeal to their pocketbooks. He said that we could no longer afford more wars. He warned that empires that overextend themselves tend to fall. On wonders if the Emperor Trajan could have survived this political climate. He built a wall on the border, as many Republicans propose, but his aim was not to keep out the barbaric Scots (where is William Wallace when you need him…?) but to tell his fellow Romans that the empire had expanded as much as it could. That attempts to go further would simply be too difficult to be worth the effort. He learned from the example of Alexander the Great, who could go no further once he hit Afghanistan. Rome did not even attempt to fight that far afield. And it lasted a thousand years. Will we?

Ron Paul: the economic argument against war

He believes that Al Qaeda wants us to be bogged down in Afghanistan. They want to wear out the spirit and soul of the American people. Think of all the money that we have spent chasing shadows in Afghanistan that could have repaired roads. Think of all the people who have died that could have been building businesses, churches, or families in peace at home. Some say they hate our prosperity. I don’t argue that. I think that what they want is for us to pour out our dollars in a wasted effort to protect their poppies and chase cunning goat-herd. They laugh at us as we pour out our blood in vain.

Another thing that he said in this speech that struck me was that the national debt per capita in America is greater….than that in Greece!

But the crux of his campaign is liberty. And the question you have to ask yourself is: why is liberty so important?

Lets face it, the longest lived countries have been monarchies. Egypt existed for thousands of years. Babylon lasted for thousands of years. China was ruled by the emperors for thousands of years. And Rome spent half of its thousand-year existence as an empire. People rarely consider the Republic of Rome when they contemplate her greatness. They think of the Empire. Thousands, billions, have embraced tyranny and monarchy. Why is liberty so important to us?

I guess all of us as Americans need to decide what it is that is important to us. Egyptians, Babylonians, China, they valued other things as greater than liberty. Stability, wealth, power, peace. And all of these things are important. But there was a time when liberty was paramount in American society. Maybe that was right. Maybe that was wrong. But it was the primary principle of the nation that was.

I’m beginning to believe that the America that was is passing away. In the home page of this blog, I take a question from a Merle Haggard song. Is the best of the free life behind us now? Are the good times really over for good?

The first mention of liberty I am aware of is in the Bible. In Leviticus 25: 10, Moses commands the Hebrews to proclaim, every fiftieth year, liberty. A year of jubilee. A year when debts were forgiven and slaves set free. Even if you don’t believe in God, or the Bible, you can see that a yearning for liberty has been in the human heart for thousands of years.

One last vaguely related note. One reason so many Republicans say they dislike Paul is his “misguided and extreme views on Israel.” I think this video pretty much disproves a lot of the incorrect beliefs about Ron Paul being anti-Israel.

Ron Paul vindicated on Israel (Zionism reality check)


4 Responses to “Ron Paul’s speech in Oklahoma City: tenants of a revolution”

  1. Jeff

    RON PAUL the defender of liberty

  2. Jeff

    First he goes after Bernanake then he goes after Hillary HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT LOVE THIS GUY RON PAUL 2012

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