Ron Paul goes for delegates on Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday is looming in just a few hours. I’ve had a couple of days off, and tomorrow I’ll return to my job, where it will be a madhouse race against the clock to make it to the polling places to get to vote. (I’m in retail, remember. In this state, the foodstampers get theirs on the first, fifth, and tenth. So I’ll have tons of work to do, but little time in which to do it).

Candidate Ron Paul is continuing in his unorthodox strategy of going for delegates, ignoring the media as it continues to insist that he can’t win. Maybe that is one of the reasons why I support him so ardently. I’ve never liked bullies (and I see liberal and conservative media as mere bullies). I’ve often rooted for the underdog. What am I saying….most of my life, I’ve been the underdog.

I wrote that I was going to do a review of The Federalist papers. But then, I can’t resist the lure of writing about Super Tuesday, at least a little bit (even though I realize that the big media types will say everything that really needs to be said about it). I’ve read the first 62 pages, and I think I can tie some of this material together with modern times.

1. In the time of the eighteenth century, great men realized that other great men might disagree with them. In the twenty-first century, petty men pretend to disagree, while they actually do exactly the same things as their opposition.

So numerous indeed and so powerful are the causes which serve to give a false bias to the judgement, that we, upon many occasions, see wise and good men on the wrong as well as on the right side of questions of the first magnitude to society. The circumstance, if duly attended to, would furnish a lesson of moderation to those who are ever so thoroughly persuaded of their being in the right in any controversy.-Hamilton, Federalist 1.

Nothing changes with the oversea adventures. Nothing changes with the monetary policy. Nothing changes with the deficits. Nobody seems to care about personal liberties. ..what’s happening in Washington with Republican and Democrats, everything is spent on gaining power.-Ron Paul, as quoted on

The Constitutional Convention was basically a debate of the greatest American minds of the time to determine how our nation should be governed. (John Adams was missing from it. He was an ambassador in Europe at the time.) While there was an intense amount of spirited debate, most of these men admired and respected each other. There was a great deal of diversity in backgrounds, philosophy, and status of all these men. But most of them believed that the other men were sincerely trying to do right by their country.

Now we live in a time when men in position and power are no longer there to provide people with liberty, but to aggrandize themselves at the expense of the people. We are well on the road back to serfdom. We wouldn’t have a Constitutional Convention now. We’d debate it in committee, tack on about two thousand pages of earmarks and pork projects, stonewall it to grandstand to our constituents, and then the President would ignore it and made an Executive Order. (Bush and Obama both did this, so don’t think I’m picking sides when I criticize this activity.) In the meanwhile, the Supreme Court would make decisions based on foreign laws, ignoring both the Constitution and American precedent, and the decision would be enforced by the Executive Branch only based off of whether it expanded the power of the Presidency (or was just massively popular in the polls.

2. Leaders of the eighteenth century patterned themselves after great statesmen whose contributions stood the test of time. Twenty-first century leaders pattern themselves after third graders and couldn’t care less how their decisions will affect posterity.

I can’t help but feel the contrast between the men of today, who tout the issue of birth control (both sides are hiding behind women, while caring nothing about women at all), while the Republic teeters over a cliff, and the great men of the Constitutional Convention, who deliberately limited their own power so that the nation could be better served. The writers of The Federalist Papers signed each article with the pseudonym of Publius. Before I chose Duncan as a pseudonym, I strongly thought about calling myself Publius. But then, I know that there is no real comparison between myself and the Founding Fathers. They carved a great nation out of the American bedrock, and I can’t even get out of retail. But let me tell you who Publius was, who the Founding Fathers wanted to be like.

Rome became a Republic after the overthrow of the Tarquin kings (I’ve always wondered if this was where George Lucas got the name….). I won’t go into the whole story. The Tarquin kings became rapacious, and the people overthrew them to be free of their tyranny. Publius was in the forefront of that rebellion. He was instrumental in the founding of the Roman Republic. He helped balance the aristocratic Senate with a democratic base. Sound familiar at all?

Perhaps it doesn’t. I think our days as a Republic may be limited. I don’t know what I can do. I know I don’t have the greatness of a Washington, Publius….or even a Ron Paul. But hopefully, I can post this blog….and maybe even get off on time to vote!


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