Here we go again….

I’m still beat up from working so hard on the first and fifth of the month. Foodstampers beat the crud out of me. So….I’ll “steal from the boss” again. Today, he gave a link to a company that, as part of their lease, was forced to abide by Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics.

Now, lets see if I can get a link to work (I wonder why Matt Mullenweg won’t hire me…….)

Ok…, since people know that I actually am a robot….I’ll go back to recovering from “picking up p….roduct, and putting it down….”

I tried to comment again on Mullenweg’s blog. I think the spam blocker stopped me last time, because I write under a pseudonym. But what I told him was something like this….

I don’t pay rent to anyone….but I think in the future I will require any tenants that ever rent one of my properties (I think I could rent out a few Lunar suites for the Gingrich camp) to be in compliance with the Laws of Asimov…..:)

Duncan McShame


The Space Shuttle Enterprise: Last flight

When I was a kid, I was a geek. Heck….what am I talking about? I’m still a geek! Older, grumpier, balder. But I’m still a geek.

I was roughly ten years old when the space shuttle Columbia first took off. I had a toy Enterprise, the prototypical space shuttle. I played with that thing a lot. My parents were going broke at the time, so I didn’t get a lot of Star Wars toys. So the Space Shuttle got to ferry a lot of my childhood dreams to the imaginary stars.

The Shuttle was, to me, more than a machine. It was the symbol of what America was becoming. It was the realization of the promise of science fiction. The Age of the Future was now the present. In my mind, it will always be linked to Reagan, because he was the president when Columbia first was launched, and when the Challenger tragically exploded. I grew up, life became complicated, and I had a wife and kid to support. I worked like a dog, and sold my soul to the corporate devil in order to provide for them.

I can imagine the spirit of Lenin, smiling over the prospect of his nation leading the world to the stars, as America googles NFL draft picks....

Now, I wake up. The dream is over.

Yes, I gave up the dream of being an astronaut long ago. But, somewhere, buried deep in that place where childhood dreams don’t ever quite die (I hope) there was a still, small voice that said, “You don’t go up there, but your countrymen do. You will never touch the stars, but your son may. Some of the money you work so desperately hard for goes to pay for the Vision of Enlightenment. The Shuttle continues to launch.”

It is finished.

The Enterprise was flown on its last flight today. The Shuttle is designed to embark on a hundred missions. Discovery flew the most flights of any Shuttle. Thirty-nine. Not even half of the promise was kept.

Russia continues to fly missions to the International Space Station. Supposedly, we are the only Superpower, but they continue to explore space. We’re too busy having the Secret Service explore female anatomy. That’s more important, anyway.

One of my favorite T. V. series was Babylon 5. In one of my favorite scenes, Garibaldi (conservative radio icon Jerry Doyle), is discussing a similar topic with a friend. I think he tells it best. “The future ain’t what it used to be.”

What more can I say? Ray Bradbury had two books. Anthologies of his short stories. R is for Rocket. And another, S is for Space. In these stories, he spoke of the wonder, the joy, the glory, the hope….of reaching for the stars. We have traded our dreams for The Dreams of Our Fathers.

If Heaven’s not my home….then Lord, what will I do….?