Instructions on how to become a third world dictator. Or, destroying our Republic….made easy!

While the Republicans debate gleefully over a “bridge to nowhere,” it seemed that all of them (except Ron Paul….but we can’t mention him…or we might be fired…) failed to recognize that the American Republic has long been traveling on its own bridge to nowhere. While striving for Utopia, we have nearly become the great Dystopia of 1984, Brave New World, and Metropolis! Both parties have sabotaged our country, and we have gone from being the sole superpower to being well on the road to being just another third world country. There are advantages to this. Why bother being President of a great Republic, when you can be El Presidente of your own mass of defeated slaves!

If your like me, you’ve often thought to yourself, “How can I become the great Tyrant that I was always destined to be?” I think I can help some of you would-be tyrants in your grand crusades. So pull up a chair, light up a Cuban, take a sip from the cup of God’s Wrath, and prepare to enjoy my instructions on how to become a third world dictator!

1. If your country has a Constitution, destroy it or persuade others to ignore it.

I would not look to the United States Constitution if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012.-U. S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg during an interview with Al Hayat TV in Egypt.

Remember the media: Black this out: Ron Paul 2012

The very reason that a nation has a Constitution is to prevent or at least minimize tyranny. Rome had a Republic, and then the Triumvirates sold the people on the idea that more power needed to be held by fewer hands. And then Caesar crossed the Rubicon, ignoring their version of the Constitution. Historians comment on the bravery, the audacity, of the great general for defying the Senate and establishing order. There is some truth to that assessment, but it is also true, that the ultimate fall of the Republic dates from that time. When the officials that are supposed to uphold the Constitution ignore it, scorn it, or corrupt it, the people’s slavery is in sight.

2. A tyrant can allow nobody to be greater than him/herself.

A story is told (I’m sorry, I can’t find the source right at this moment) of a tyrant that was having problems keeping his subjects under control. He wrote to a fellow tyrant in another city, asking him what he should do. The second tyrant thought for a while, and then took the messenger to a wheat field. As the messenger watched, the second tyrant took a scythe and cut down all the wheat stalks that were above a certain height. The tyrant told the messenger to tell his master what he had seen. Confused (and a little afraid) the messenger returned to his master, and reported what he had seen. The first tyrant understood perfectly….

Patron saint of mediocrity

Working in the corporate world has taught me that small minded men cannot abide anyone being smarter than they are, more talented than they are, having any idea that is n the least divergent from the party line. Everyone has to conform. Everyone has to be the same. Everyone has to watch football, joke lasciviously about the opposite sex, and mindlessly do as they area told. We live in a society of authoritarians. And as Erich Fromm declared in his contradictory book, Flight From Freedom, the people often would rather have the people above them be responsible for everything. Sure, I may not be free, but if I’m not responsible, then I am in no way to blame for the sorry state that the world is in.

3. As you weed out the great, be sure that you beat down the poor just enough….

The most perfect political community is one in which the middle class is in control, and outnumbers both of the other classes.-Aristotle

I talked in my last post about how there may be elements in the government who want more poverty, because the poor, having less to lose, are more willing to give up their freedoms than are the rich, or the middle class. So once we have torn down those that are great, we must ensure that even mediocrity is punished.

Monty Python-the Annoying Peasant



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