Everyday is new day with Jesus…Spring is new time

Isaish 43:19 says:  “See I am doing a new thing!  Now, it springs up; do you not perceive it?”  “I am making a way in desert and streams in the wasteland.”

Spring is start of  new time and new day.

Matthew 17:20 says:  He replied “Because you have so little faith.  I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, “Move from here to there and it will move.  Nothing will be impossible for you.”

For anyone that has no faith and is struggling with crisis or has given up hope that is scripture for you.   Today is new day and Spring is new time.



Can the Republic stand?

The first day of Spring has arrived. Its a day for new beginnings, new births, revival of the dead earth. Winter is over, the world is warming, Nature seems to be smiling at us.

And yet, I feel a little somber. I want to be optimistic, but it is hard for me to be. I watch the freedoms of my country erode away, and I don’t know what I can do about it. I write my little posts, and wonder about my own sanity. I took a break from politics, last week. I wrote a post about St. Patrick. The thing that I love about Saints (I’m not a Catholic, but I seem to revere the Saints more as the years go by) is that they transcend politics. The tyrants may conquer territory, abuse freedoms, and destroy innocence. Yet certain Saints still impact the world in spite of having little or no worldly power. I think Mother Theresa did more real good than Obama, both Bush’s, Clinton, Reagan, and Carter all combined.

But then, we live in a Republic. That means that we still (arguably) have a responsibility to participate in the process.

As some of you know,one of my favorite authors is C. S. Lewis. I can’t remember which of his works it was, but I remember him writing somewhere that he was not optimistic for the future of his country. He felt that Britain was becoming less Christian, less safe, and less free.

And that is just how I feel about our Republic, right now. I put a picture of a rainbow on this post, partly to evoke spring, but partly to remind myself of the promises of God. He promises to protect our souls and provide for our needs if we will follow and obey. But our country is rife with deception and greed. There is wrath and cruelty abiding in my own heart. How can we expect Him to bless us, when we (myself included) are so very disobedient of Him…..?

So I hope those that read this will forgive my digression. Forgive me for trying to stir myself up to do something that I hope…I think….is right.

Some of you who follow this blog know that I’m a Ron Paul supporter. One of my griefs has been how poorly he seems to be doing in the various caucus’ and primaries. So this random post is my effort to shake some of the mental cobwebs away.

And no….I’ve not forgotten that I’m still reading The Federalist Papers, and trying to share some of the insights from this treatise from our Founding Fathers.

1. History has shown an eternal struggle between the forces of order, and the forces of chaos. Democracies have historically been put down as chaotic and evil.

From the disorders that disfigure the annals of those republics [Greece, Rome, Carthage] the advocates of despotism have drawn arguments, not only against the forms of republican government, but against the very principles of civil liberty. Hamilton, Federalist 9.

Tyrants like disorder. It gives them the excuses they need in order to be tyrants. Big Brother combs his mustache and declares, “You need me….don’t you remember how bad things were before me…..don’t you remember all the riots….the food shipments not getting to the people on time….the trains, plains, and buses all running late….? Thanks to me….all of that is in the past….”

A brief history of tyranny in America

I posted this video because the chaos of these time, the terrors of 9/11, have caused people to believe that it was our freedoms that caused the terrorists the opportunities to attack us. But that is simply not true. And its time to decide….are we a free democratic republic….or some mild form of tyranny…?

2. Our Founding Father‘s valued liberty as much or more than life itself. They chose to risk their lives for liberty. What are we willing to die for?

But it could be no less folly to abolish liberty, which is essential to political life, because it nourishes factions than it would be to wish the annihilation of air, which is essential to animal life, because it imparts to fire its destructive agency.- Madison, Federalist 10.

I sometimes feel as though my job was slowly sucking the life out of me. Those of you who know me best know what I mean (and why I vaguely hide my identity, so that Randomco won’t discover my displeasure, and terminate me). I sell a product that is popular, and that is great and fine….but it isn’t worth my life. Randomco cannot replace me. Yes, they can hire another individual to take my place. But my death would leave my wife widowed and my son half orphaned. All the money in the world is not worth that.

But freedom is.

Dr. Ron Paul : protect life, protect liberty

I’m not sure about this one, but I’ll post it anyway. I’ve talked to too many veterans. This may not be 100% accurate, but there is just enough truth here that I think its acceptable to watch. Verify it if you can. Deny it if you can. But by all means, do some thinking and praying about where our country stands.

Former CIA black ops member confesses NWO plan