Freedom rings for Ron Paul

We the people....or we the monster corporations.....?

Rush Limbaugh has become, since the end of the Reagan presidency, the voice of the Conservative movement. And there was a time when I loved him dearly. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate him or wish him ill. I just don’t feel that he has much to teach me, any more. I learned a lot from him at a time in my life when I was very confused. He helped me to clarify some of my thinking. And he helped keep my flagging interest in politics from dying away completely. Now everyone is angry with him for calling Sandra Fluke some unflattering names. Frankly, I barely care any more. I don’t understand why she matters. I don’t understand why everyone is making such a big deal out of contraception. It really seems to me that the media elite is setting up a straw dog so that they can deflect our attention away from what is really going on.

While the Left and the Right are in a name calling contest to see who can act most like 12-year-olds, our freedoms are being trampled, our money is being stolen, our hopes are being broken, our dreams are being shattered, and our supremacy is being undermined. And don’t fool yourself. Its being done by both parties. There really isn’t any difference between the two, any more. Both parties have sold us down the river.

When I was told about Rush Limbaugh, I was a National Merit Scholar. I don’t like to talk much about that time of my life, because, while it was the greatest honor of my life (other than marrying my wife and fathering my child), it became the greatest embarrassment of my life. I’ve spent the last twenty years telling almost no one that I had been a National Merit Scholar just to avoid the shame of explaining how I lost it, and how I ended up in a lifetime of dead-end jobs.

But my purpose here is not to rehash lost dreams in my own personal life. I’m trying to do the very little that I can to wake America back up. I bring up my lost scholarship for one purpose only.

My second semester of collage, there was an honors coarse offered at my alma mater covering The Federalist Papers. I never took the coarse, never read the book. And have felt ashamed of myself, ever since. I’ve felt like a failure for twenty years. And while I’ve lived in the shadow of lost past glories, I have watched my beloved nation turn her back on everything that made her great, and start steering for the jagged rocks of an unfriendly shore.

Super Tuesday is coming up, and I am afraid that perhaps Ron Paul may not do so well. I’m losing faith in the American public to do what is in their own best interests. But I’m not a big media outlet. I’ve had less than 500 views. I’ve three bloggers following (all three, may I add, are way the heck better than I am at this blogging thing. They’ve little idea how please I am that they chose to “follow” me!) And I don’t see how I can have much positive impact in the next two days.

But, like my forebears in Valley Forge (I had an ancestor who was a Sergeant in the Revolution, though I can’t remember if he was at Valley Forge or not), win or lose, I can’t bear the thought of submissively going down, slavishly, without a fight. I must “fire a few shots” for liberty, even if I am fighting for a lost cause.

So what I propose to do (and reader feedback is warmly welcome….though please keep it constructive….) is to read The Federalist Papers, as I should have twenty years ago, and compare them to our modern times. Over the next few posts, I’ll relate some of the things I read, and give my own random comments on the subject. Right now, the wife is waiting for me to finish this thing, and I’ll end it with a video that I found very interesting.

Ron Paul Supporters in Oklahoma Fight Back and WIN

The Federalist Papers sold their generation on the Constitution. Why is it so hard to sell this generation the ideas of freedom?


10 Responses to “Freedom rings for Ron Paul”

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  2. Jeff

    Im glad me and wife got the privelage to keep the tulsa headquarters open while they went up there to fight 4 ron paul.

    • awayinthemanger

      Its good to know that we still have some right to take part in our government. CS Lewis feared that we were becoming what he called a “chairontocracy.” Basically, a government by bureaucrats. See also, The Screwtape Letters.

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