Atlas shrugged, too

Obamacare got its day in court. But I wonder if it really matters whether we keep it, or not. The underpinnings of our society are shifting in chaos. Unless a just and merciful God intervenes, I wonder if my child will know half of the freedoms and advantages I have known.

Atlas Shrugged 2 is being filmed. They offered Jerry Doyle a part as a stand in. On his show today, he turned them down. I understand. Its not so much that he doesn’t want to play a part in awakening our society. Its just….who really wants to have their role relegated into insignificance?

After all, isn’t that what it is all about. Jerry Doyle wants to matter, so he wants to do voice overs….or at least, do something more effective than having a bit part as a stand in. Obama wants to matter. So he drums up this health care agenda, and rams it down our throats whether we like it or not. (To me, I can’t help but think that he wasted a perfect opportunity. If he’d done more selling it to the American people, and acted less like Big Brother, people that hate and fear him would probably love him instead). And I want to matter. So, after a long day on the dreary job, I come home and plunk out another post, hoping that at least one person will see it, and maybe….just maybe…..wake up.

How are we Americans supposed to wake up every day, leave our families, go to work, come home, and repeat the drill day after day while our government makes bureaucratic statements with no connection to reality? Michael Savage, Savage Nation, Pg. 142.

Ron Paul intellectually pummels Mitt Romney into submsission

Big government, big corporations, all expect us to buy the party line without doing any thinking of our own. We’re just supposed to accept the Big Lie, smile with confidence, and go back to work, doing what we are told. We don’t need our own opinions. If we needed them, Big Brother would have told us so. Remember, war is peace.

The ability of a country to pay taxes must always be proportional in a great degree to the quantity of money in circulation and to the celerity with which it circulates.- Hamilton. Federalist 12.

Ron Paul on the U. S. banking system

You’ve heard of the Golden Rule….? No, not the one that Ron Paul quoted and got booed for! The other one! The real one (in the minds of the despots who seek to enslave us). He who owns the gold makes the rules. So, the big corporations, the big banks, and the big government bureaucrats all try to manipulate the money. Why? So they can manipulate us! They can enslave us, while maintaining a fiction that we are free. Remember, freedom is slavery.

It is evident…that it is impratisable to raise any very considerable sums by direct taxation. Tax laws have in vain been multiplied, new methods to enforce the collections have in vain been tried, the public expectation has been uniformly dissapointed, and the treasuries of the States have remained empty.- Hamilton Federalist 12.

Ron Paul on taxes

Ron Paul: “income tax=involuntary servitude

As George Orwell so eloquently stated in 1984, its not enough to merely have power  over people. In order to prove that you have power over the people, you must make them suffer.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face-forever. George Orwell, 1984

Some of the book is hard to take, but here are some of the best quotes for those that want a Cliff’s Notes version:


But then, we really don’t want people reading. Ignorance is strength.




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    TO PARAPHRASE FROM THE HUNGER GAMES According to the ruling class, the hunger games was to provide hope Hope to be free But the game master warned too much could lead to people actually fighting to be free Ron Paul is that spark of hope so they are controlling his impact

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    If people are interested and able to part way with $20 Ron Paul is having a money bomb 4 liberty so he can stay in the race until the convention just go to the Ron Paul 2012 official website

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    No thank you for being a patriot

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