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I don’t have time to give this the attention it deserves, but I thought I would at least pass it on….



Ron Paul is not finished yet

I would like to honor Ron Paul today.  He is the only one that inspired me to study more about the Constitution and the our Founding Fathers.   Here is short video about Ron Paul talking Constitution.

When you have public schools wanting to take history out you will have a problem.  My hats go off to Ron Paul for helping common people to understand history.

Here a bit of history about how Ron Paul can still win.

Ron Paul has encouraged me to have faith and I want to thank him for Passing the Faith along….Gaither song

Thank you Ron Paul for all that you have done for this Country!

Mitt Romney…you can be the Republican nominee….if the price is right!!!!

Girl Scouts hundredth anniversary. We want girls to be strong...unless they disagree with us....

Because the Republican party isn’t making big enough fools of themselves, HBO is making a movie to remind us that Sarah Palin is inferior. The movie is called, Game Change. I really don’t know why the liberal media elite is wasting its time on the subject. Opinion of Sarah Palin notwithstanding, she’s not in the race. She’s not a threat to the Democrat party. The only reason to drag her under the mud now is either to just rub the oppositions nose in their failures, or simply to show HBO as the misogynistic hypocrites they really are.

But I digress.

The liberal media still gloats over the defeat of John McCain. And they think they can do it again with the Hollow Man, Mitt Romney, who they are trying to set up as the nominee so that Obama can have an easy win. Right now, it kind of looks like they may succeed. Which is one reason why I haven’t written in a while. Work has been crazy, and I’m kind of down on the whole world, right now.

Which is exactly the wrong attitude. Jesus wouldn’t let this stuff get Him down.

Right now, I’m still reading The Federalist Papers. Hamilton, in Federalist 8, is revealing the evils of a standing army.

This is absolutely an idea not embraced by either major political party. We’ve had a major standing army since WW II. It seems archaic to think of America without a standing army. I personally think that we live in times that necessitate standing armies. But I think we do need to consider what Hamilton says on the subject.

1. Standing armies tend to prop up the executive branch of government, often at the expense of the legislature and civil liberties.

They [standing armies] would, at the same time, be necessitated to strengthen the executive arm of government, in doing which their constitutions would acquire a progressive direction toward monarchy. It is the nature of war to increase the executive at the expense of the legislative authority.-Hamilton. Federalist 8.

Let’s face it. All of us were willing to give up some of our civil liberties, after 9/11, for a little security. But I wonder if we have gone to far? I wonder if the terrorists have ultimately won? I wonder if what they wanted all along was to take our liberties from us?

And what if 9/11 was just the excuse The Powers That Be needed in order to take complete control? My last major was psychology. I found a video on-line that is related. I warn you, it is a little slow. It’s just a college professor giving a boring lecture. But if you can deal with the tedium of it, it is very informative. Anyone that has read C. S. LewisThat Hideous Strength will be reminded of the strange combination of science, religion, military and state in that book.

Is America a police state? The role of psychiatry

2. Even before 1984, Hamilton was warning that the mantra of a police state would be, “War is peace!”

The perpetual menacing of danger oblige the government to be always prepared to repel, its armies must be numerous enough for instant defense.. The continual necessity for their services enhances the importance of the soldier, and proportionally degrades the condition of the citizen. The inhabitants of territories, often the theater of war, are unavoidably subjected to the frequent infringements of their rights; which serve to weaken their sense of those rights, and by degrees the people are brought to consider the soldiery not only as their protectors but as their superiors.-Hamilton. Federalist 8

If you need a perfect example of the above statement, just do some research on feudal Japan. The Samarai were the ruling class. And they were the warrior class. (And sometimes, I almost think they were right…..but I digress again…..)

I cannot exactly prove that the government has set up this state of perpetual war, but I found a video that i think is very intriguing in its implications.

Green light to attack Kuait revealed by Ron Paul

PLEASE DO NOT GET ME WRONG! I am absolutely pro-military. I know too many veterans. The best people I know have either seen war, or, at least, have served their country honorably. But I am absolutely against a police state. Twenty years ago, I could never have imagined that things would get this bad, without me firing a shot, or at least doing something drastic in order to change the state of things. But I’m afraid that I am spineless. All I do is “lift things up and put them down!”

And type on my little blog.

Ain’t it funny how many hundreds of thousand of soldiers we can recruit with nerve. But we can’t find one politician in a million with backbone.-Will Rogers, Feb. 18, 1929.

The harvest is past, the summer has ended, and we are not saved (Jer. 8: 20)

Mitt Romney is the John Kerry of the Republican party. My good friend “B” came up with that one. Its why I can’t get excited about the guy. Just as Democrats could not feel any excitement about John Kerry, and just as all voters could not trust his constant flip flopping….so do we feel about Romney. And a lot of us feel disenfranchised by the process. We feel as if a political cabal is essentially ramming this candidate down our throats.

I love how recently Rush Limbaugh and other conservative pundits had announced the recent video of Ron Paul‘s campaign, describing Romney as a flip flopper. I thought it funny, because I had known about it for months. All I am is a fourth rate blogger with 500 views, and I’d known about this video for months.Here it is:

Ron Paul ad- “Washington Machine” Mitt Romney flip flop

Also this one: Ron Paul-Mitt Romney flip flopper (whatever it takes)

The other day, I was in my car, driving to a store and listening to the local FOX affiliate radio station. Neal Boortz was talking with Jamie Dupree. Don’t get me wrong…I respect the heck out of both of these guys. But Boortz was asking Jamie if he had heard of a poll that showed that Ron Paul could win an election between RP and Barack Obama. Jamie said he’d never heard of such a poll. I went home that night, googled it….and it was the first thing to show up at the top of the page! Again….fourth rate blogger can find it….why can’t they….?

I’m afraid this post is going to be a little disjointed. I’m watching my kid, and that means I’ll get about two paragraphs typed, and then be interrupted by him (though he’s well the heck worth it. Jesus, my wife, and my kid are about the only things that make my life worth one thin dime….). My wife is working right now. I have to work 50 to seventy hours a week, and she works part time, 15-30 hours a week, just so we can maintain some minimal degree of comfort. The poor woman works her fingers to the bone to help out her husband and son. She deserves to be sitting at home watching soap operas and eating bon bons. Instead, she works herself half to death and watches our boy most of the time. This is one reason why I wish Ron Paul could be elected. I see little hope of our lives getting any better, I see little hope of her getting the life she deserves, if he isn’t.

There’s about twenty things I’d love to talk about, but I think I’ll just deal with a few things. I’ve been trying to do more reading of other blogs…trying to learn the trade, so to speak. And those who follow me….well, I like to return the favor as best I can. That’s how the American system works. Trade of money, trade of ideas.

Ok…so…random element one. The liberty scientist blog at brought this to my attention. It is a virtual map that shows the growing dependence on government throughout the nation. I’m going to put a link to it. If it doesn’t work….go to liberty science. You might want to go there any way. They’ve got some fascinating information that relates to both politics and science.

Second random thought. I was checking out He’s gotten a tons of videos (and gosh, I truly wish I had the time to watch all of them….I think this guy is better source for news than CNN, Fox, MSNBC, NPR, and Rush Limbaugh all combined), but there are two that I’d like to highlight.

Senator Sessions Questions Secretary of Defense Panetta

The general in the background sure looks sinister to me….More importantly, this dangerous policy of ceding our sovereignty over to NATO, or worse, the UN, is a policy that has been followed by both Republican and Democrat Presidents.

Last random point. Another video from Uneditedpolitics.

Ron Paul Speech in 1987 as Presidential Candidate for the Libertarian Party-9/1/87.

I think its telling that he starts his speech by acknowledging his family. That is what this whole thing is all about.

You may be wondering why my title is that particular scripture verse. I don’t know that our time is up, but I think the razor’s edge gets thinner. Until he loses California, I am not giving up hope. But then, as many states as he’s had that he should have won and did not (I’ll let you do your own research into the voter fraud in this election), I have no doubt that the percentages beforehand will be high….yet Romney will mysteriously walk off with California….

The American Republic: In Recquiescat Pace!


Freedom rings for Ron Paul

We the people....or we the monster corporations.....?

Rush Limbaugh has become, since the end of the Reagan presidency, the voice of the Conservative movement. And there was a time when I loved him dearly. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate him or wish him ill. I just don’t feel that he has much to teach me, any more. I learned a lot from him at a time in my life when I was very confused. He helped me to clarify some of my thinking. And he helped keep my flagging interest in politics from dying away completely. Now everyone is angry with him for calling Sandra Fluke some unflattering names. Frankly, I barely care any more. I don’t understand why she matters. I don’t understand why everyone is making such a big deal out of contraception. It really seems to me that the media elite is setting up a straw dog so that they can deflect our attention away from what is really going on.

While the Left and the Right are in a name calling contest to see who can act most like 12-year-olds, our freedoms are being trampled, our money is being stolen, our hopes are being broken, our dreams are being shattered, and our supremacy is being undermined. And don’t fool yourself. Its being done by both parties. There really isn’t any difference between the two, any more. Both parties have sold us down the river.

When I was told about Rush Limbaugh, I was a National Merit Scholar. I don’t like to talk much about that time of my life, because, while it was the greatest honor of my life (other than marrying my wife and fathering my child), it became the greatest embarrassment of my life. I’ve spent the last twenty years telling almost no one that I had been a National Merit Scholar just to avoid the shame of explaining how I lost it, and how I ended up in a lifetime of dead-end jobs.

But my purpose here is not to rehash lost dreams in my own personal life. I’m trying to do the very little that I can to wake America back up. I bring up my lost scholarship for one purpose only.

My second semester of collage, there was an honors coarse offered at my alma mater covering The Federalist Papers. I never took the coarse, never read the book. And have felt ashamed of myself, ever since. I’ve felt like a failure for twenty years. And while I’ve lived in the shadow of lost past glories, I have watched my beloved nation turn her back on everything that made her great, and start steering for the jagged rocks of an unfriendly shore.

Super Tuesday is coming up, and I am afraid that perhaps Ron Paul may not do so well. I’m losing faith in the American public to do what is in their own best interests. But I’m not a big media outlet. I’ve had less than 500 views. I’ve three bloggers following (all three, may I add, are way the heck better than I am at this blogging thing. They’ve little idea how please I am that they chose to “follow” me!) And I don’t see how I can have much positive impact in the next two days.

But, like my forebears in Valley Forge (I had an ancestor who was a Sergeant in the Revolution, though I can’t remember if he was at Valley Forge or not), win or lose, I can’t bear the thought of submissively going down, slavishly, without a fight. I must “fire a few shots” for liberty, even if I am fighting for a lost cause.

So what I propose to do (and reader feedback is warmly welcome….though please keep it constructive….) is to read The Federalist Papers, as I should have twenty years ago, and compare them to our modern times. Over the next few posts, I’ll relate some of the things I read, and give my own random comments on the subject. Right now, the wife is waiting for me to finish this thing, and I’ll end it with a video that I found very interesting.

Ron Paul Supporters in Oklahoma Fight Back and WIN

The Federalist Papers sold their generation on the Constitution. Why is it so hard to sell this generation the ideas of freedom?

Ron Paul’s speech in Oklahoma City: tenants of a revolution

Ron Paul was in Oklahoma City this Sunday. I live in the Tulsa area, but I couldn’t go, because my retail job pretty much demands that I work Saturday (and get drilled into the ground….but that is another story).  And I’d like to thank a friend of my Sister in-law’s for the photo.

This is the speech that he gave.

Ron Paul Oklahoma City rally 2/25/12

And you can find an a more complete version at Unedited You can find a lot of candidate videos there, without superfluous commentary.

For those that aren’t patient enough to watch it (or simply have trouble getting videos to work) I’ll give a few of the highlights in this post, and give some of my personal thoughts on Ron Paul’s ideas.

One interesting thing to me came from both this speech, and from the last debate. Ron Paul said that his fellow Republicans would not listen to the moral argument for keeping us out of extraneous wars, so he tried to appeal to their pocketbooks. He said that we could no longer afford more wars. He warned that empires that overextend themselves tend to fall. On wonders if the Emperor Trajan could have survived this political climate. He built a wall on the border, as many Republicans propose, but his aim was not to keep out the barbaric Scots (where is William Wallace when you need him…?) but to tell his fellow Romans that the empire had expanded as much as it could. That attempts to go further would simply be too difficult to be worth the effort. He learned from the example of Alexander the Great, who could go no further once he hit Afghanistan. Rome did not even attempt to fight that far afield. And it lasted a thousand years. Will we?

Ron Paul: the economic argument against war

He believes that Al Qaeda wants us to be bogged down in Afghanistan. They want to wear out the spirit and soul of the American people. Think of all the money that we have spent chasing shadows in Afghanistan that could have repaired roads. Think of all the people who have died that could have been building businesses, churches, or families in peace at home. Some say they hate our prosperity. I don’t argue that. I think that what they want is for us to pour out our dollars in a wasted effort to protect their poppies and chase cunning goat-herd. They laugh at us as we pour out our blood in vain.

Another thing that he said in this speech that struck me was that the national debt per capita in America is greater….than that in Greece!

But the crux of his campaign is liberty. And the question you have to ask yourself is: why is liberty so important?

Lets face it, the longest lived countries have been monarchies. Egypt existed for thousands of years. Babylon lasted for thousands of years. China was ruled by the emperors for thousands of years. And Rome spent half of its thousand-year existence as an empire. People rarely consider the Republic of Rome when they contemplate her greatness. They think of the Empire. Thousands, billions, have embraced tyranny and monarchy. Why is liberty so important to us?

I guess all of us as Americans need to decide what it is that is important to us. Egyptians, Babylonians, China, they valued other things as greater than liberty. Stability, wealth, power, peace. And all of these things are important. But there was a time when liberty was paramount in American society. Maybe that was right. Maybe that was wrong. But it was the primary principle of the nation that was.

I’m beginning to believe that the America that was is passing away. In the home page of this blog, I take a question from a Merle Haggard song. Is the best of the free life behind us now? Are the good times really over for good?

The first mention of liberty I am aware of is in the Bible. In Leviticus 25: 10, Moses commands the Hebrews to proclaim, every fiftieth year, liberty. A year of jubilee. A year when debts were forgiven and slaves set free. Even if you don’t believe in God, or the Bible, you can see that a yearning for liberty has been in the human heart for thousands of years.

One last vaguely related note. One reason so many Republicans say they dislike Paul is his “misguided and extreme views on Israel.” I think this video pretty much disproves a lot of the incorrect beliefs about Ron Paul being anti-Israel.

Ron Paul vindicated on Israel (Zionism reality check)