Blessed are the poor, for we can rule over them with an iron hand

Today is fat Tuesday. We give ourselves over to all pleasures. All things are licensed. All things are allowed. And yet, all I can bring myself to do is to listen to The Phantom of the Opera, brood over the tragic loss about a month ago of Tripp Roth…and wonder why God made the world the way He has….and make one last post in my series of the 5 reasons why Ron Paul can save America.  I’ve explored how Ron Paul is the strongest candidate for our Constitution, the best for our economic recovery,  the most likely to repeal Obamacare, the most likely to enact intelligent foreign policy, and will keep us the most secure. I shall finish this series with one last post about securing our borders.

So you are asking yourself, why does he write about the borders, when his title tells us he’s going to talk about the poor? I will tie all that in soon enough.

These were the points I made in the last two posts about the borders: 1) bring our troops home, 2) End the war on drugs and use those resources for 3)physically protecting our borders and coastlines, 4) enforce visa rules, and 5) stop trying to buy votes from illegals with false promises of amnesty. The last three points are these: 1) abolish the welfare state, 2) end birthright citizenship, and 3) streamline legal immigration.

1. It is long past time that we abolished the welfare state.

Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.-Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia, Query 19, 1787.

Perhaps you think that this point would be better placed in my articles about the economy. But the truth is, that the welfare state is one of the great incentives to illegally enter this nation. And this may make me sound like a conspiracy theory nut, but I think this is not altogether accidental. Despots have always tried to set themselves as benevolent providers. Julius Caesar ended the Roman Republic by making the common man believe that they needed his largesse and protection. From his point on, they became an empire, and in spite of the beautiful (but fictitious) story told in Gladiator, the Republic was never restored. Adolph Hitler took advantage of the crushing poverty WWI had incurred on the German people. Page 137-8 of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich:

The millions of unemployed wanted jobs…Some four million youths….wanted some prospect of a future that would at least give them a living. To all the millions of discontented Hitler in  a whirlwind campaign offered what seemed to them, in their misery, some measure of hope. He would make Germany strong again…stamp out corruption, bring the money barons to heel…and see to it that every German had a job and bread. To hopeless, hungry men seeking not only relief but new faith and new gods, the appeal was not without effect.

Its rarely the rich or the middle class that will sell their liberty for money. The poor and the desperate….those that feel they have no freedom left to lose…they are the desperate ones that tyrants can exploit. And the poor come to us in waves from nations where their hopes and dignity has been robbed from them. And we will gladly give it back to them…for a price…..

2. End birthright citizenship

Character is the only secure foundations of the state.-Calvin Coolidge

This one is a little bit tricky, because it is established by the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution. It may seem a little contradictory of me, to be preaching for the strengthening of our Constitution, and yet arguing with one of its tenants. But I am not against the Amendment process. If you can get the process completed, then more power to you. I would argue that this Amendment, which was so vital at the end of the Civil War, has served its purpose. I remind you that we are not a democracy, but a republic. From Roman times, a republic had to right to decide who could vote, and who could not. For example, if you are convicted of a felony, I don’t care if you were born in the U. S….you’ve lost your right to have a say in matters that affect the both of us. I think this Amendment should itself be amended, if not repealed. I’ve believed for a long time that the franchise was too indiscriminate. When Romans found that they could vote for bread and circuses, the seeds of her fall were sown.

3. Streamline legal immigration

Born in other countries, yet believing you could be happy in this, our laws acknowledge, as they should do, your right to join us in society, conforming, as I doubt not you will do, to our established rules. That these rules shall be as equal as prudential considerations will admit, will certainly be the aim of our legislatures….-Thomas Jefferson, letter to Hugh White, May 2, 1801

One of the great strengths of this nation is shared with ancient Rome. We are a nation of immigrants. More so than was Rome, in fact. So please don’t think that I’m calling for isolationism. I don’t want to keep out the Mexican, the Chinese, the Libyan, or the Jew. Everyone who is willing to abide by the law should be welcome in this great nation. And I realize that one reason for illegal immigration is the Byzantine process that seems so very arbitrary. I have read the stories of those that yearn so to come to our country legally, and yet are denied visas. This is nearly as wrong as not enforcing the visas at all.

I think I’ve written enough here. Though it is the end of the series, I hope I have at least provoked some thought. And, while I have shown myself ardently pro-Ron Paul….I hope that, even if you don’t vote for Ron Paul, that you will do some research, and some thinking and praying of your own, before you go to the polls this year.

God bless everyone that has read this! Thank you for reading, and I am quite open to constructive suggestions about what I should write about next.


3 Responses to “Blessed are the poor, for we can rule over them with an iron hand”

  1. Jeff

    Great quotes and historical references. One of your best blogs. Can’t wait for your next blog.

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