Media hides Ron Paul’s light under bushal.

My wife dug up this information. I think it will be very revealing.

1. Ron Paul won the Virgin Islands. Nobody told us!….

Ron Paul won U.S. Virgin Islands with 29% Media claims Romney won!

Look, the media can keep hiding the truth from us, but sooner or later the truth will come out. I don’t know if it will be in time to save the Ron Paul candidacy (or, for that matter, our republic), but the American people will eventually hear the truth.

For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all. Luke 8:17

2. Pat Robertson has seen the light, and now wants to legalize marijuana….sound like anyone else we know…?

Look, I’m pretty strong against drugs myself. I’ve been a believer in the war on drugs for twenty-five years now. But I can attest to you that something is just not working. My old route had so many meth-heads, they would introduce themselves to you with the words, “I am so high…” and they weren’t joking! The war on drugs is doing exactly what Prohibition did. It’s just driving people into the criminal element. We’re putting people in prison and hardening them, when we should be treating them for addiction and helping them. Pat Robertson recently acknowledged all of this (though he still doesn’t support Ron Paul…but hey! nobody’s perfect!)

3. If we are Christians, we want to build bridges between the people, not walls. Only Ron Paul is doing that.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a Christian, and not even remotely a Muslim. I hear the message that most terrorism is Muslim. I know that it was Muslims that flew planes into our towers. But Christ died for us all. He even died for the Roman that hammered the nail into His hand. I’m not saying we should be weak. I’m not advocating that we demilitarize and let the Muslims destroy us. But I did go to school with some Muslims during the First Gulf War. I know that a lot of Kuwaitis came to our church at the time, and cried unfeigned tears when they were told that we Christians had compassion on them and their country. That we were praying for them and their families, as these young men and women waited to hear what was happening to their families that were caught in the storm of Saddam Hussein‘s  fury. I don’t know if these people ever became Christians, but I can tell you two things, 1) none of those Kuwaiti’s ever killed any Americans, and 2) they came away knowing that the stories told at home about how bad all Christians were fabrications.

The only candidate that is even seeking the Muslim vote is Ron Paul. While all of the others rattle their sabers and frighten these people, Ron Paul tries to heal the wounds between our people.

Ron Paul picks up Arab-American endorsements

To sum it all up, Ron Paul is a true lover of people. There was a Christian fad a few years ago. You may remember it. WWJD. What would Jesus do? I will tell you, He uttered the words, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” It seems only Ron Paul can claim that title.

My wife hopes you will like this video. It speaks about the love of God for his people. The atheist readers may not like the video. That’s fine.  My wife and I love you all.



The harvest is past, the summer has ended, and we are not saved (Jer. 8: 20)

Mitt Romney is the John Kerry of the Republican party. My good friend “B” came up with that one. Its why I can’t get excited about the guy. Just as Democrats could not feel any excitement about John Kerry, and just as all voters could not trust his constant flip flopping….so do we feel about Romney. And a lot of us feel disenfranchised by the process. We feel as if a political cabal is essentially ramming this candidate down our throats.

I love how recently Rush Limbaugh and other conservative pundits had announced the recent video of Ron Paul‘s campaign, describing Romney as a flip flopper. I thought it funny, because I had known about it for months. All I am is a fourth rate blogger with 500 views, and I’d known about this video for months.Here it is:

Ron Paul ad- “Washington Machine” Mitt Romney flip flop

Also this one: Ron Paul-Mitt Romney flip flopper (whatever it takes)

The other day, I was in my car, driving to a store and listening to the local FOX affiliate radio station. Neal Boortz was talking with Jamie Dupree. Don’t get me wrong…I respect the heck out of both of these guys. But Boortz was asking Jamie if he had heard of a poll that showed that Ron Paul could win an election between RP and Barack Obama. Jamie said he’d never heard of such a poll. I went home that night, googled it….and it was the first thing to show up at the top of the page! Again….fourth rate blogger can find it….why can’t they….?

I’m afraid this post is going to be a little disjointed. I’m watching my kid, and that means I’ll get about two paragraphs typed, and then be interrupted by him (though he’s well the heck worth it. Jesus, my wife, and my kid are about the only things that make my life worth one thin dime….). My wife is working right now. I have to work 50 to seventy hours a week, and she works part time, 15-30 hours a week, just so we can maintain some minimal degree of comfort. The poor woman works her fingers to the bone to help out her husband and son. She deserves to be sitting at home watching soap operas and eating bon bons. Instead, she works herself half to death and watches our boy most of the time. This is one reason why I wish Ron Paul could be elected. I see little hope of our lives getting any better, I see little hope of her getting the life she deserves, if he isn’t.

There’s about twenty things I’d love to talk about, but I think I’ll just deal with a few things. I’ve been trying to do more reading of other blogs…trying to learn the trade, so to speak. And those who follow me….well, I like to return the favor as best I can. That’s how the American system works. Trade of money, trade of ideas.

Ok…so…random element one. The liberty scientist blog at brought this to my attention. It is a virtual map that shows the growing dependence on government throughout the nation. I’m going to put a link to it. If it doesn’t work….go to liberty science. You might want to go there any way. They’ve got some fascinating information that relates to both politics and science.

Second random thought. I was checking out He’s gotten a tons of videos (and gosh, I truly wish I had the time to watch all of them….I think this guy is better source for news than CNN, Fox, MSNBC, NPR, and Rush Limbaugh all combined), but there are two that I’d like to highlight.

Senator Sessions Questions Secretary of Defense Panetta

The general in the background sure looks sinister to me….More importantly, this dangerous policy of ceding our sovereignty over to NATO, or worse, the UN, is a policy that has been followed by both Republican and Democrat Presidents.

Last random point. Another video from Uneditedpolitics.

Ron Paul Speech in 1987 as Presidential Candidate for the Libertarian Party-9/1/87.

I think its telling that he starts his speech by acknowledging his family. That is what this whole thing is all about.

You may be wondering why my title is that particular scripture verse. I don’t know that our time is up, but I think the razor’s edge gets thinner. Until he loses California, I am not giving up hope. But then, as many states as he’s had that he should have won and did not (I’ll let you do your own research into the voter fraud in this election), I have no doubt that the percentages beforehand will be high….yet Romney will mysteriously walk off with California….

The American Republic: In Recquiescat Pace!


A time to love and a time to hate; at time for war and a time for peace Eccleciastes 3:8

Solar flares are flying their way to the earth, and 2012 is supposed to be the year of Armageddon. I don’t know if I’m afraid of Armageddon, but I know that I would rather place my fate in the hands of a merciful God, than deal with the cruelty of men. The solar flares didn’t even impede my orders today. But mankind continues to seek and find new and clever ways to butcher each other.

The picture above is of Valley Forge. Brave men faced impossible odds for their families. They fought and died for a lost, hopeless cause. They froze to death, they starved to death. They faced death as rebels and traitors. And all of it was worth it, for them. They would rather suffer and die than live as slaves.

But we would rather bow to our masters, and be coddled and cared for by Big Brother from the time of our planned birth to the minute of our convenient death.

Somehow, when we think of the Founding Father‘s, we think of them as warmongers. We think that they were stupid jingoists that were eager to march their sons into a silly war just to show King George that we wouldn’t be bossed around. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most of the Founding Father’s truly hoped that they could avoid war. They only went to war when they felt it was inevitable. The Patriot shows this at the beginning, with Benjamin Farmer being against the war, until the British come on his own land and threaten the life of his son.

I’ve been reviewing the Federalist Papers. Its given me some insights into just what the Founding Father’s actually thought about war.

1. The founding father’s realized that it is human nature to be short-sighted.

Has it not, on the contrary, invariably been found that momentary passions, and immediate interests, have a more active and imperious control over human conduct than general or remote considerations of policy, utility, or justice?-Hamilton, Federalist 6

One of the reasons the Constitution is set up the way it is to prevent the sudden passion and immediate fad from dominating our national policy. Hamilton wanted the American people to make their great decisions in a ponderous, thoughtful manner. This relates especially to war. Going to war without just cause is a crime against God and humanity. Kings and tyrants did it all the time. But were republics really any better?

2. Hamilton demonstrates that republics were little better, historically, than monarchies when it came to fighting fruitless wars.

Sparta, Athens, Rome, and Carthage were all Republics; two of them, Athens and Carthage, of the commercial kind. Yet were they as often engaged in wars, offensive and defensive, as the neighboring monarchies of the times. Sparta was little better than a well-regulated camp; and Rome was never sated of carnage and conquest.-Hamilton. Federalist 6.

Let’s face it, there are reasons why some people prefer a monarchy. If you have a wise king, it may very well be better than a republic. Especially if that republic is intent on spreading it world-views via the sword! But then again, how likely is anyone to be a wise king?

And I’m afraid that America is by no means immune to the war sickness. Anyone remember the Mexican-American war (La Raza still isn’t over that one)? Have we forgotten that we virtually exterminated the race of the Native Americans (I work in Oklahoma….the survivors are sometimes thoroughly willing to remind me of past atrocities)? And have we ever really settled whether or not we should have been in Vietnam?

I’m going to post this video, even though I’m not sure of the veracity of every point. I know that much of it is true, but there are points in it I’m unsure of. But it has a strong message that, I think, really does need to be heard by Americans.

Ron Paul Revolution 8 Iran US history of war

3. The great Republics of the past either fell, or were transformed into more autocratic governments, because of their constant warfare.

Hamilton points out, in Federalist 6, that the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC) led to the end of the Athenian Golden Age. It weakened both Athens and Sparta to the point that it was no real surprise that the autocratic Alexander the Great rolled over them. The Punic Wars completely destroyed Carthage. And it planted the seeds of imperialism in Rome (though it took nearly a century for those seeds to come to fruition). Aristotle felt that democracy was the worst form of government, because it tended to lead to anarchy that eventually led to tyranny. We’ve spent two centuries proving him wrong….but the Democrats and Republicans both are making me wonder if he was right.

We didnt win? The message of liberty doesn’t sell, any more.

I’m just going to post a few videos, and let them tell the story.

Ron Paul booed about golden rule: what would Jesus say?

Ron Paul 2012 GOP-unelectable?

Ron Paul this speech gave me chills


As Super Tuesday rolls on, I continue my review of the Federalist Papers. (Or, yes, I voted for Ron Paul….what’s it to ya!?)

Yep, ya look ’em up on Google trends, and the names in the caption above are hotter than the searches for Super Tuesday. No wonder our Republic is falling! We’d rather watch reality t.v. as vote. (No offense meant to my good friend, A. Hope his date goes well…..hey! Her name ain’t Sandra Fluke, is it…..?)

Ok….there’s a few things I’ve got to get out of my system before I proceed with the next installment of my book review of The Federalist Papers. 1) Courtney Roth has updated her blog! I’m glad to see it, because I know if I lost my son, I would be devastated. I’m not surprised it took her so long to update. I’m impressed that she’s still blogging at all. This woman is so much stronger than I will ever be. I suppose that is why God gave her Tripp. The same experience that would have broken me seems to have brought out the best in her. I hope God blesses her and her family. Such folk as these are the true reason why America was once great. Not because we had a government that could send hordes of young men to the slaughter. Not because a big government sent a man to the moon. But because simple, God-fearing women loved their children more than life itself. I don’t know if “my” party is at war with women. But I know that, when each of the sexes starts to lose faith in their opposites, someone demonstrates that there may be a small glimmer of hope for us yet. The war between the sexes is largely folly. The devil laughs at the way we hurt each other.

2) In spite of the hordes of foodstampers, I voted. I actually fired my little bb pellet for liberty. It isn’t much. Its like trying to speak poetry to the hurricane. It doesn’t hear. It doesn’t care. It is not moved by your strength or character. And it will destroy you without mercy.

Just like Big Brother.

But perhaps, even though my character is not half that of Courtney Roth, or her lost little son Tripp, maybe there will be one or two souls out there that will hear my song over the hurricane. And, perhaps, in their own battles in days to come, some of the battle song they sing will be, at least, influenced by the faint, feeble words I uttered in my own vain struggles.

I know….I know….stay on topic….Less poetry, more prose. This has become a political blog, after all!

1. in the eighteenth century, great minds believed in reason. They believed that their fellow-men were capable of wise decision.

It is not a new observation that the people of any country (if, like the Americans, intelligent and well-informed) seldom adopt and steadily persevere for many years in an erroneous opinion respecting their interests.-John Jay, Federalist 3

Let’s face it….there is no point in having a democratic republic if the general populace is a bunch of fools. In the seventeenth and eighteenth century, the literacy rate in Massachusetts  and Connecticut was between 89 and 95% (Amusing Ourselves to Death, Neil Postman, pg 31.) You have to have an educated people to have a republic. In my managerial econ course, we were taught that one of the criterion for a capitalist economy to work efficiently….is an informed public. If you can’t assume that people make informed decisions, economic theory breaks down. Thomas Paine’s Common Sense sold 100,000 copies in three months. “The only communication event that could produce such collective attention in today’s America is the Superbowl.” (Postman, pg 35). The men of that century were excited by the ideas of liberty. The men of this age are excited by throwing around pig skins and grunting monosyllables.

But the belief in common sense was mitigated by an understanding that even the best of men could be….less than their best.

2. It was not assumed that people would act like saints, back then. We might rely on common sense, but we also had to limit the power of any one person, faction, or party.

….men are ambitious, vindictive, and rapacious.-Hamilton, Federalist 6

The quote has become trite, that absolute power corrupts absolutely. That is why the framers of the Constitution deliberately constructed our government to not run smoothly. They wanted the branches to balance each other. They wanted the aristocrats to balance the common populace. They had enough knowledge of history, and of their fellow-man, to know that you could not trust kings, the rich, the poor, the judge, or the juror, to be absolutely honest all the time. We may be impatient with the process, but the process has kept us free for two hundred years. Still, Rome had their freedom for 500 years. I don’t think we’ll make it that long.

Harvard, John Adam's alma mater. His education inspired him to build a nation based on freedom of speech and religion. Now, Sandra Fluke is inspired to force her school to provide free contraception....







Ron Paul goes for delegates on Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday is looming in just a few hours. I’ve had a couple of days off, and tomorrow I’ll return to my job, where it will be a madhouse race against the clock to make it to the polling places to get to vote. (I’m in retail, remember. In this state, the foodstampers get theirs on the first, fifth, and tenth. So I’ll have tons of work to do, but little time in which to do it).

Candidate Ron Paul is continuing in his unorthodox strategy of going for delegates, ignoring the media as it continues to insist that he can’t win. Maybe that is one of the reasons why I support him so ardently. I’ve never liked bullies (and I see liberal and conservative media as mere bullies). I’ve often rooted for the underdog. What am I saying….most of my life, I’ve been the underdog.

I wrote that I was going to do a review of The Federalist papers. But then, I can’t resist the lure of writing about Super Tuesday, at least a little bit (even though I realize that the big media types will say everything that really needs to be said about it). I’ve read the first 62 pages, and I think I can tie some of this material together with modern times.

1. In the time of the eighteenth century, great men realized that other great men might disagree with them. In the twenty-first century, petty men pretend to disagree, while they actually do exactly the same things as their opposition.

So numerous indeed and so powerful are the causes which serve to give a false bias to the judgement, that we, upon many occasions, see wise and good men on the wrong as well as on the right side of questions of the first magnitude to society. The circumstance, if duly attended to, would furnish a lesson of moderation to those who are ever so thoroughly persuaded of their being in the right in any controversy.-Hamilton, Federalist 1.

Nothing changes with the oversea adventures. Nothing changes with the monetary policy. Nothing changes with the deficits. Nobody seems to care about personal liberties. ..what’s happening in Washington with Republican and Democrats, everything is spent on gaining power.-Ron Paul, as quoted on

The Constitutional Convention was basically a debate of the greatest American minds of the time to determine how our nation should be governed. (John Adams was missing from it. He was an ambassador in Europe at the time.) While there was an intense amount of spirited debate, most of these men admired and respected each other. There was a great deal of diversity in backgrounds, philosophy, and status of all these men. But most of them believed that the other men were sincerely trying to do right by their country.

Now we live in a time when men in position and power are no longer there to provide people with liberty, but to aggrandize themselves at the expense of the people. We are well on the road back to serfdom. We wouldn’t have a Constitutional Convention now. We’d debate it in committee, tack on about two thousand pages of earmarks and pork projects, stonewall it to grandstand to our constituents, and then the President would ignore it and made an Executive Order. (Bush and Obama both did this, so don’t think I’m picking sides when I criticize this activity.) In the meanwhile, the Supreme Court would make decisions based on foreign laws, ignoring both the Constitution and American precedent, and the decision would be enforced by the Executive Branch only based off of whether it expanded the power of the Presidency (or was just massively popular in the polls.

2. Leaders of the eighteenth century patterned themselves after great statesmen whose contributions stood the test of time. Twenty-first century leaders pattern themselves after third graders and couldn’t care less how their decisions will affect posterity.

I can’t help but feel the contrast between the men of today, who tout the issue of birth control (both sides are hiding behind women, while caring nothing about women at all), while the Republic teeters over a cliff, and the great men of the Constitutional Convention, who deliberately limited their own power so that the nation could be better served. The writers of The Federalist Papers signed each article with the pseudonym of Publius. Before I chose Duncan as a pseudonym, I strongly thought about calling myself Publius. But then, I know that there is no real comparison between myself and the Founding Fathers. They carved a great nation out of the American bedrock, and I can’t even get out of retail. But let me tell you who Publius was, who the Founding Fathers wanted to be like.

Rome became a Republic after the overthrow of the Tarquin kings (I’ve always wondered if this was where George Lucas got the name….). I won’t go into the whole story. The Tarquin kings became rapacious, and the people overthrew them to be free of their tyranny. Publius was in the forefront of that rebellion. He was instrumental in the founding of the Roman Republic. He helped balance the aristocratic Senate with a democratic base. Sound familiar at all?

Perhaps it doesn’t. I think our days as a Republic may be limited. I don’t know what I can do. I know I don’t have the greatness of a Washington, Publius….or even a Ron Paul. But hopefully, I can post this blog….and maybe even get off on time to vote!

Freedom rings for Ron Paul

We the people....or we the monster corporations.....?

Rush Limbaugh has become, since the end of the Reagan presidency, the voice of the Conservative movement. And there was a time when I loved him dearly. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate him or wish him ill. I just don’t feel that he has much to teach me, any more. I learned a lot from him at a time in my life when I was very confused. He helped me to clarify some of my thinking. And he helped keep my flagging interest in politics from dying away completely. Now everyone is angry with him for calling Sandra Fluke some unflattering names. Frankly, I barely care any more. I don’t understand why she matters. I don’t understand why everyone is making such a big deal out of contraception. It really seems to me that the media elite is setting up a straw dog so that they can deflect our attention away from what is really going on.

While the Left and the Right are in a name calling contest to see who can act most like 12-year-olds, our freedoms are being trampled, our money is being stolen, our hopes are being broken, our dreams are being shattered, and our supremacy is being undermined. And don’t fool yourself. Its being done by both parties. There really isn’t any difference between the two, any more. Both parties have sold us down the river.

When I was told about Rush Limbaugh, I was a National Merit Scholar. I don’t like to talk much about that time of my life, because, while it was the greatest honor of my life (other than marrying my wife and fathering my child), it became the greatest embarrassment of my life. I’ve spent the last twenty years telling almost no one that I had been a National Merit Scholar just to avoid the shame of explaining how I lost it, and how I ended up in a lifetime of dead-end jobs.

But my purpose here is not to rehash lost dreams in my own personal life. I’m trying to do the very little that I can to wake America back up. I bring up my lost scholarship for one purpose only.

My second semester of collage, there was an honors coarse offered at my alma mater covering The Federalist Papers. I never took the coarse, never read the book. And have felt ashamed of myself, ever since. I’ve felt like a failure for twenty years. And while I’ve lived in the shadow of lost past glories, I have watched my beloved nation turn her back on everything that made her great, and start steering for the jagged rocks of an unfriendly shore.

Super Tuesday is coming up, and I am afraid that perhaps Ron Paul may not do so well. I’m losing faith in the American public to do what is in their own best interests. But I’m not a big media outlet. I’ve had less than 500 views. I’ve three bloggers following (all three, may I add, are way the heck better than I am at this blogging thing. They’ve little idea how please I am that they chose to “follow” me!) And I don’t see how I can have much positive impact in the next two days.

But, like my forebears in Valley Forge (I had an ancestor who was a Sergeant in the Revolution, though I can’t remember if he was at Valley Forge or not), win or lose, I can’t bear the thought of submissively going down, slavishly, without a fight. I must “fire a few shots” for liberty, even if I am fighting for a lost cause.

So what I propose to do (and reader feedback is warmly welcome….though please keep it constructive….) is to read The Federalist Papers, as I should have twenty years ago, and compare them to our modern times. Over the next few posts, I’ll relate some of the things I read, and give my own random comments on the subject. Right now, the wife is waiting for me to finish this thing, and I’ll end it with a video that I found very interesting.

Ron Paul Supporters in Oklahoma Fight Back and WIN

The Federalist Papers sold their generation on the Constitution. Why is it so hard to sell this generation the ideas of freedom?

Do you like living in the Matrix…..? I know I do!!!! Why Big Brother is so proud of America

Andrew Breitbart died today. He was only 43. That’s just three years older than yours truly. And on the way home from work today, I nearly had a terrible car accident. It just shows us how fragile life is. I was listening to Rush Limbaugh in my car while driving between the stores that I work at, and that was the first that I heard about it. I didn’t know that much about Breitbart (which shows how Aristotle was right….retail, at any rate, kind of makes it difficult to keep up with the times….).  I guess he was behind the famous expose’ of ACORN. You know, the famous revelation that they were giving out “tax advice” to illegal aliens, pimps, and prostitutes (“pb” doesn’t stand for pimp basher….).

I could tell that Rush was actually hurt over the loss of his friend. I know the pain of losing friends and family. Right now, I share with all of you the agony of losing my liberty.

There’s an excellent book, frighteningly relevant to our times. It’s called 1984. It has several topics in it that are relevant to lovers of liberty, but the one I want to deal with today is a lovely little concept called doublethink. This word is defined as “the power to hold two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and excepting both of them.” (Definition from You can find examples of this all over the place, but I find that politics, namely big government and big corporation politics, is rife with this disease. (Michael Savage says that “liberalism is a mental disorders.” I think that the disorder has another name, and runs deeper than politics….)

Take, for example, the idea that we go to Afghanistan and Iraq in order to fight terrorism. All this while, we’re fighting a war on drugs. Yet we guard opium fields, talk to the Taliban…..and fail to see the mental disconnect. Its doublethink. It will ensure the victory of the Party. It will keep us enslaved.

In The Matrix, Neo is offered a pill that will open his mind, and one that will empty his mind of the memory of the new, real world that he is seeing for the first time. (Yeah, I know… might seem that they are promoting drugs….maybe they are! This is Hollywood we’re talking about…I am absolutely against drug use, but the point is still to be made). This would not work on most of the American people today. They would take the pill, and see no problem at all with living the lie that they have always lived. Cypher need never have betrayed Neo! If he’d simply engaged in doublethink, he could have continued to eat delicious, tender, juicy, imaginary stake all of his life.

Agent Smith was wrong! “One of these lives has a future, and one of them does not!” He was so wrong! With just a little application of doublethink, Neo could have continued to take out his imaginary neighbor’s garbage, all the while knowing that he was living a lie! And not giving a flying flip about the lie!

This is exactly and precisely where the American people are enslaving themselves. While the American revolution happened in the hearts and minds of the American people before any shots were fired, the enslavement of America is happening in exactly the same place!

And as Super Tuesday looms closer, and the American people continue to vote for the Puppet Romney and the fake Santorum, I begin to despair of waking the American people up! No, it isn’t just that I reach so few people. I fully understand that I am but a still, small voice being drowned out by the cyclonic winds that buffet all of our lives. But there are other voices….millions of voices. Better voices than mine. And these voices are simply being ignored because those in power have set up a matrix of their own, in which they are insulated from our cries for freedom. Longshanks never heard William Wallace cry….until the end of the movie, when it was too late to change anything.

But this is no movie. We can’t just reset this. We can’t just rewind it or watch our lives again. This game is for real, and we’re playing for keeps. You don’t want to vote Ron Paul. Fine. But please, wake up. Be Real. Be Alive. Be the Being that God (I hope the atheist readers forgive me….I know some atheists read this, and they are not bad people….I’m just ranting with what is in my gut) intended you to be! Get off your duffs, turn off the t. v….! And for the love of Pete, start using your minds, instead of letting corporate America do it for you!!!! And may Breitbart rest in peace.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu agrees with Ron Paul

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