Batman: The Dark Knight Rises as our Republic Falls

The Dark Knight Rises is coming soon. I used to identify with Batman, but more and more, I identify with the Joker.

So I’m sitting at a sales meeting. And they announce that The Dark Night Rises is coming out. I used to be a big geek….still am, when I have the time. I loved Batman. A very small part of me hoped that I might become super-rich, so I could be Batman. But now, I’m so tired….if I had all that money, I’d probably buy an island and disappear.

Anyway… is the trailer we watched.

The Dark Knight Rises-Official Teaser

So, I’m thinking, “These corporate clowns watch this trailer, that warns them of the increasing discontent among the poor, and they don’t even realize that it convicts them! How can they live so large, and leave so little for the rest of us……

I’m sure my bosses think that they are Batman. I suppose that makes me the Joker…..


4 Responses to “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises as our Republic Falls”

  1. Bitter Clinger

    Here at People Enraged by Punishment Stupidity and Insults, we believe in the front line. After all, every army needs cannon fodder.

    But don’t let that get you down we’ll pay you a fair wage (we didn’t say what country it was fair in). We’ll also set you up with insurance (don’t let the rising costs and diminishing coverage upset you, we’ll dump you as soon as Obummercare gets rolling anyway). By the way, we don’t go by the cost of living we go by the cost of labor.

    If a product fails, and they will, it won’t be due to poor planning or leadership or even a piss poor tasting product. It will be a direct result of your failure to execute….

    Would ya like to know how I got these scars?

    • awayinthemanger

      I”m almost in tears from laughing…..yeah, I kept having these dark visions of Batman crashing through the rood, landing straight in the middle of “D,” and after a well earned thrashing where “D” gets some of the similar scars to what we have, Batman growls out, “You have nothing to do with me! This has nothing to do with justice!” Batman lifts “D” up in his two fists. “D” squirms and thrashes, gasping. Then Batman tosses “D” down in the middle of the crowd as “D” moans “I thought he’d be my friend….”
      Then “D” steals a bunch of corporate money to fund his supercriminal tyrade to prove to Batman that “D” is right, and Batman is wrong….

  2. zmbmtlhd

    Alas, the Jokers trudge on my friend. Though I’m absent I still see. I hope Mr. Loew is fighting still with the best of us.

    • awayinthemanger

      I’ve talked with Mr. Loew. The fight is getting harder for him….but maybe he isn’t quite finished….just yet…..

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