“I’ll always bring you roses….”

Memorial Day didn’t start out as a day to get drunk and eat too many hotdogs. It began as a day for a grieving nation to honor the dead that fought for freedom at Gettysburg. We don’t know it, but these dead still haunt us…..

My wife is the positive one (in case you couldn’t tell. God has a great sense of humor, because He caused this positive, up beat woman to marry a very morose old man. She wrote about music. I will write about grief.

When I was a kid, I grew up on a farm. The farm was roughly equidistant between two towns. Other than the fact that the towns are in Oklahoma, I’ll keep the locations anonymous, for now, so that I can keep my secret identity.

My family barely celebrated Memorial Day. In fact, being farmers, we really weren’t much for celebrating any holiday at all. But, when I got older, Dad would take me to the cemetary, put up the wreathes (I have no idea how old the wreathes were….they were fake, and we’d used them about every year for about fifteen years that I remember). It didn’t mean much to me, till I was thirteen.

Several things were going on, then. Dad had lost his job, and his drinking was getting worse. And I was in love for the first time, and hopelessly so. So I guess I was finally ready for the message of Memorial Day.

Flander’s Field. This field saw bloody fighting, and became a grave sight for thousands upon thousands of soldiers. A Lt. Col. wrote a poem about this place. John MCrae. He died after four years of service.

On that Memorial Day, Dad took me to a stone, that had the names of all the fallen veteran’s from the town. The numbers of fallen from each World War both were greater than the population of the town. The town has yet to recover from either war. This is why we ‘celebrate’ Memorial Day.

In Flander’s Field


2 Responses to ““I’ll always bring you roses….””

  1. Bitter Clinger

    So let’s take a head count of “Holidays”

    1. New Years Day (Arbitrary delineation of one year into the next)
    2. Valentines Day (Buy roses and candy on this hallmark holiday OR ELSE. The same applies for Mothers Day. Fathers Day buy a tie)
    3. Easter (the day representing Christ’s resurrection, better known for colored eggs and candy. Soon to be banned)
    4. Memorial Day (You said it better than I can in a short sentence)
    5. Independence Day (the anniversary of our declaration of independence from England, better known for fireworks beer and hot dogs. Name usually replace by 4th of July)
    6. Labor Day (A socialist holiday to honor the laborers, BY HAVING THEM LABOR!! Beer and hot dogs…AGAIN)
    7.Halloween (Formerly the Catholic holiday All Hallows Eve, followed by All Saints Day, now kids in costumes and candy)
    8.Thanksgiving (Formerly a day set aside by each President for the nation to give thanks to God. Now turkey and a parade.)
    11. Christmas Eve/Day (A day for celebrating Christ’s birth, now buy me presents. Name soon to be changed to ChrismaHannuKawnzaDan or just the holiday season. Did I forget? BUY ME PRESENTS!!!)


    Don’t get me wrong, I am an avowed capitalist, but I also believe there are times the almighty dollar can wait. We have let overarching greed and political correctness consume everything that we once held dear and sacred.

    Thoroughly disgusted and pissed.
    Weeping bitter tears.
    Bitter Clinger

  2. zmbmtlhd

    I ponder if the masses understand this holiday… The true meaning has been stated above so I shall not elaborate. Cash is king… Mr. Loew knows…

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