Here we go again….

I’m still beat up from working so hard on the first and fifth of the month. Foodstampers beat the crud out of me. So….I’ll “steal from the boss” again. Today, he gave a link to a company that, as part of their lease, was forced to abide by Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics.

Now, lets see if I can get a link to work (I wonder why Matt Mullenweg won’t hire me…….)

Ok…, since people know that I actually am a robot….I’ll go back to recovering from “picking up p….roduct, and putting it down….”

I tried to comment again on Mullenweg’s blog. I think the spam blocker stopped me last time, because I write under a pseudonym. But what I told him was something like this….

I don’t pay rent to anyone….but I think in the future I will require any tenants that ever rent one of my properties (I think I could rent out a few Lunar suites for the Gingrich camp) to be in compliance with the Laws of Asimov…..:)

Duncan McShame


3 Responses to “Here we go again….”

  1. Bitter Clinger

    Big fan of Asimov and like Verne I think he was a man with vision ahead of his time.

    Requiring a tech firm to abide by Aimovs laws seems reasonable to me, especially in an era in which the ethical components to science seem to have been largely forgotten.

    Just waiting for SKYNET to bring the nuclear rain.

    • awayinthemanger

      Jeff and I were talking today about us being robots….but we don’t work off the Laws of Robotics…..our company allows people to come to harm…..

  2. jeff

    Videos u might be interested in Ben Swann all delegates are free agents and unbound, cispa, and GOP excutive chair asks for RNC chair’s resignation for violating rule 11

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