White House Correspondents Dinner…..Democracy tastes like chicken

Put on your suit. Get your hair and nails done. We’re going to go put on a show. We’ll dazzle the world with all our razmataz. Hollywood will be there. Anybody who is anybody will be there. Kim Kardashian (I still think the name should be given to a species of monster in Star Wars) will be there. Maybe she can teach me to get rich by marrying and divorcing the right people. Spielberg and Clooney will be there. And Lindsey Lohan. All the greatest political minds….the best journalists in the land.

But then, as I learned on the cartoon series, Daria, why study a subject, when you can spend your time more productively by networking.

And Washington/Hollywood did network this weekend. This coterie of self-congratulation spent its time cracking jokes, but some of us aren’t fooled. We can see a committee of mutual admiration for what it is.

Rick Santorum was there. That doesn’t surprise me. Ron Paul wasn’t there. That doesn’t surprise me. According to Fox News (don’t ask me….they came up

The White House Correspondents Association was formed in 1914 as a protest to the rumor that Congress was going to limit the reporters that had access to the President. Presidents since Wilson have turned this to their advantage.

first on the Google search)  every President since Coolidge has attended these functions. That fails to surprise me, as well. The White House Correspondents Association was originally set up as a kind of union of reporters who were concerned that the government was getting too over-reaching in the way they were regulating press access to the President. But, like I learned from listening to Longshanks on Braveheart, “You must find the good in everything…when you are king.”

So the two industries, Press and Government, realized in the twenties that if they worked together, they could gain great wealth and great power. And, since the Government perforce enjoys its monopoly without opposition, and the Press was technically scattered across thousands of newspaper companies (the radio and movies were very new mediums, and TV was still twenty years away), it probably didn’t seem so dangerous to the people of the time.

But times are radically different, now.

When I was in American Government 101, the text-book listed the media as a fourth branch of government. And the bureaucracy as a fifth. Now, I don’t want to get into a debate about the accuracy of this….but if accredited textbooks are realizing this possibility, we should, as “informed” voters, be willing to discuss the implications of the government-media complex.

I don’t agree with everything that is said by right-wing radio pundits, but I think that one of the most brilliant speeches ever was Michael Savages speech from about 15 or so year ago about the subject.

Government Media Complex

Joseph Conrad wrote about it in The Heart of Darkness. In our times, it became the movie Apocalypse Now. We pretend to be so civilized, but if you look in our eyes, there is hate, fear, pain....and also hope.

Does anyone else remember the Vietnam War? I’ll grant you, I was very young at the time. But I was a very strange kid. I started watching and listening to the news when I was about three years old. I still very dimly remember seeing images from the last years of that war. I was too young to understand, but now, years later, I can see that war (which, I’ll grant, would have been extremely controversial even if the whole debate had been on the up-and-up) was largely lost because the media shaped the public will to oppose it. That demonstrates its power.

My argument is not whether the media was evil because of its stance on that war. Assuming that great power….a power that proved greater than the three branches of government……how much greater would it be in the hands of one of the branches of government.

“Is it true that force and right are necessarily on the same side in republican governments? May not the minor party possess such a superiority of pecuniary resources…or of secret succors from foreign powers, as will render it superior also in an appeal to the sword?…Nothing can be more chimerical than to imagine that in a trial of actual force victory may be calculated by the rules which prevail in a census of the inhabitants, or which determine the even of an election!”-Federalist 43. Madison.




2 Responses to “White House Correspondents Dinner…..Democracy tastes like chicken”

  1. Bitter Clinger

    Ahhh, the joy of basking in the glow of a circle j_ _ _. I just love it when politicians and the unbiased media (read lying whores) get together to congratulate themselves on a job well done pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people.

    Between Obummer cracking jokes about the Secret Service’s exploits down South (wow that could almost be a joke in itself) and the lame stream medias obvious crush, I’m sure there wasn’t a dry anything in the house. I hope they don’t break their arm patting themselves on the back. Oh wait a minute yeah I do.

    I think I’m gonna retch.

    • awayinthemanger

      Yeah….too bad “D” wasn’t there….that’s about all that was lacking…..

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