Holocaust remembrance day

Today is Holocaust remembrance day. Sixty seven years ago today, the Jewish Prisoners were liberated from Auschwitz.

I thought about putting in a picture, but they’re just too horrible. Maybe I should, still, in the hope of shocking people back into waking back up. But, for now, I won’t.

This ones gotta be quick. I’m taking my wife out on a date. But I have to give a few minutes to remember those who died so that the wifer and I could go on this date.

Heinrich Himmler speaks of the extermination of the Jews


I often worry about what my country is turning into. There is a scene from Masada that explains my feelings about what America is becoming.

Masada 13

I must get going. But I wish I could wake America up. I wish I could make a rallying cry to those that love Christ, to those that love liberty. We’ve got to stop thinking of people as matters of convenience. We’ve got to stop thinking of people as merely useful idiots that we can use on our personal climb to power.

We’ve got to start remembering….life is sacred. All the things that we believed in, that we fought so hard for and died for…..if we let them go, then we have fought and died in vain…..

Saving Private Ryan final scene

Ernie Haase & SSQ+ Gaither Vocal Band-America medley

Michael W. Smith-There she stands

Never forget! Never forget! This is not the America we fought for….but She is there….if we will turn back to our God, and turn back to our founding principles.


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