Talking Taxes in Tulsa

A lot of Alphabet Soup organizations are on the top of Googletrends today. GSA, Secret Service, and IRS, in that order. Everyone that knows Duncan McShame knows that he is a fan of big government (quite honestly, I ask myself every day at work why God didn’t make me a government bureaucrat). And I’m today is Tax Day, and I’m reading about taxes in The Federalist Papers. So I guess I’ll rant for a while about the abuses of the Alphabet Suit types that are destroying our republic in Screwtape fashion.

First I’ll deal with the GSA. First of all, what the heck is the GSA?

I know, I should probably know, as an ex-National Merit Scholar, what the GSA is. But I’m afraid when I first saw it, I was tired enough to mistake it for GAS.

According to their own sight, they are the General Services Administration. Now, if your an uninformed boob like myself, you are asking yourself, “What the h— are ‘general servises?’ ” Somehow, I don’t think that this office performs housecleaning for Flag Officers of the military branches.

If you look at their first page, you still won’t know what they do. If you dig a little deeper,

No...not gay-straight alliance....The General Services Administration has managed the Federal Government's business since 1949....slightly longer than some of their South Pacific meetings....

you will learn that they were established by Truman to “manage the Federal Government’s business.”

First of all….I didn’t know that our government was a business…..Second of all….when do I get a job where I can reward myself for doing nothing with three weeks in the South Pacific?

Yeah…I’m on my vacation now….so maybe I’m being a hypocrite….but I think if I ask my boss for 800 grand for a Vegas conference…..yeah I’ll probably be out of a job. But then, maybe my place is in the government, after all.

Now, for the Secret Service.

First of all….what is so secret about their service? Unlike the GSA, most folks have a very clear idea about what these guys are all about. And, unlike a lot of government agencies, I see the

Agent Anderson....I've acquired the target.....waiting for Obama to transfer funds from GSA Vegas trip to Secret Service Recreational Relief Fund.....or maybe we can just print more money and spend it at the Bunny Ranch....

point to these guys. Wacko-crazies wanna kill the president….so, in the interests of keeping our society stable, we pay these guys a ton of money for the preservation of the life of the POTUS. Makes perfect sense to me.

But….really guys….prostitutes…? First of all….you guys have the greatest pick-up line in the history of picking up chicks. You don’t need any money….just go to the local bar and tell these bimbos what you do, and how many movies are made off of your experiences….well, this is a Christian blog, so I’ll let your imaginations work out the rest of the details.

Look, maybe they weren’t using government money. Maybe they did an exemplary job. Maybe it is as common as the cold to spend the lonely evenings with a lady of said. But it bothers me. Maybe it shouldn’t. Maybe it isn’t a big deal. But the guys that are supposed to be the paragons of discipline, virtuous enough to take a bullet for someone else… can any of that be true if they are base enough to contribute to

Secret Service Agents spent time with prostitutes in this plush resort. I wonder if that will be in the brochure....

the horrific trade of human beings? I think most of us are aware of the sex/slave traffic of women in third world countries. This is one of the most vile abuses of liberty that has ever existed. Don’t tell me you’ll give your life for liberty if you’ll contribute to the sex trade. I can forgive it (as a Christian, I am commanded to….) but please don’t tell me that we’re just supposed to turn a blind eye to it. The media acts like its no big deal. But then, stealing an election from Ron Paul is no big deal to them, either.

Last of all, the IRS. Does anybody remember the KGB? For those too young to remember, there was a time when the U. S. and U. S. S. R. were permanently poised on the verge of nuclear war. The KGB was the feared and hated intelligence arm of the Soviet Union. And they felt that their American counterpart was…the IRS.

Well…anyway….gotta go……enjoy your Alphabet Soup! And don’t forget to pay/file your taxes!


5 Responses to “Talking Taxes in Tulsa”

  1. Revealing who the Goverment (IRS, DHS, GSA, SS, etc.) works for…. – John Malcolm

    […] Talking Taxes in Tulsa ( […]

  2. Jeff

    At first, I was upset with the news about the gsa and the secret service but this is American culture. This is what we are good at. The secret service is just exporting the American culture. George Carlin explains this best in his bit about why he doesnt vote. They are just a reflection of us. It doesnt matter anyway because like one of the supreme court justice said we have boatloads of federal money. The Wiemar republic was a myth. Since thats the case why dont we use some of the boatloads of money and buy everybody in the world a copy of Jersey Shore to promote the American culture. I heard today on the news that they are a video of Hillary Clinton boosin it up at a bar in the early hours on the taxpayer money. We have changed and in my opinion not 4 the better. Personally i wish we would unleash Ron Paul on the federal leviathon. RON PAUL 2012

    • awayinthemanger

      Freakin’ a’ brother! That’s what I’m talking about! (To quote Buster). Yeah, I’m afraid that we are more and more like Rome in its decline. I agree that we should spread the wonders of Jersey Shore. In fact, if we had to quit printing money, I’d say lets quit printing Bibles, and send out Jersey Shore DVDs instead….

  3. Jeff

    the song that comes that i hear as he fights the federal leviathon is uprising by muse. The mike church band does good job explaining what our founders did and what we do now with parody songs “Good Patrick Henry” and “Mr Jefferson”. They have videos of these songs on youtube

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