The term is over, the holidays have begun…with apologies to C. S. Lewis

Oklahoma news has been more and more global, these days. Two random shooters (I notice they don’t dignify them with the name of snipers…)  recently shot five and killed three within just a few miles of my territory. The two shooters live in one of the towns that I cover for my company.

Then, yesterday, as I was fighting to stay conscious after a difficult twelve-hour day (closer to fourteen if you want to include the commute) the wife and I ironically put in the movie Twister in order to begin the festivities of the vacation I’ll take this week.

In the mean while, real tornadoes punished our state. I read that at least five people died yesterday from these storms.

Jessie Jackson is in our state, trying to do some racial healing. The effort is needed, and badly. I just wonder if he is the man to get the job done. I’ve always had very mixed emotions about him. I love, honor, and respect Dr. Martin Luther King. I just wonder about some of the people who have tried to take up his mantle.

All this stuff (and probably some other things of which I am unaware…remember the 12+ hour days….) has brought news agencies around the world to our humble state. Even Al Jazeera was out here. And, for the sake of our state’s image, I know that many folks are distinctly thankful that they didn’t interview yours truly….

I’m not making any big news, currently, but, as I’ve mentioned, I’m on vacation now. And, for me, that is big news. For one thing, I’m hoping that I can do at least a little work on this blog thing that I play with.

And I hear a rumor about my candidate, Ron Paul. The rumor is that if he can’t get enough money in today’s money bomb, he may drop out of the race. I confirmed the money bomb going on today (and made a very minor donation myself), but I can’t confirm the dropping out part.

For that matter, maybe it doesn’t matter. Christianity went on after the death of the Apostles. America outlived her Founding Father‘s. The Civil Liberties movement went on after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

If Dr. Ron Paul does drop out, I guess (I hope) that the Liberty movement will go on.

Ron Paul is “In it to win it”

I don’t feel that I can criticize the man if he does drop out. At least he has put up a fight. That is more than I have done. When last I looked, he had 750,000 dollars. But I hear he needs about two million. I guess we’ll see. Maybe my wife is right. Maybe this is one of those times when we’ll need a miracle from God.

The media ignores Ron Paul even though he draws the biggest crowds.

I haven’t yet come to understand this phenomenon. Ron Paul draws bigger crowds than anyone….yet he doesn’t win elections. I guess it could be that these people are all motivated enough to hear him speak, but not motivated enough to vote for him….

None of these people voted....

These people don't look enthusiastic....

No.....this crowd didn't vote, nor this one.....

All these people....yeah....they voted for Romney.....

Ok….so I’m not the best with the captions and the pictures. But I hope you get the point (mainly because I’m afraid that if I crop and paste any more pictures from other bloggers sites, they’ll get mad and sue me….) . This old fogey draws crowds like a rock star…yet nobody is voting for him? I find the whole thing extremely, profoundly, difficult to believe. I know that both political parties are extremely honest. They’d never try to steal votes or elections. The media would never lie to us.

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Thank you, Big Brother, for increasing boot production by 10%. I love Big Brother.

There should be no “x” in Christmas. And there should be no delegates for Ron Paul.

I introduced this blog to a friend of mine at work, yesterday. I hope that he doesn’t think I’ve lost my sanity. But then, in the Empire of Lies, maybe my sanity isn’t the issue. Maybe the world has gone mad.

And yeah…this crowd was confused….they thought it was a Justin Timberlake Concert….or the line to get into Hunger Games.


8 Responses to “The term is over, the holidays have begun…with apologies to C. S. Lewis”

  1. Jeff

    Great blog. A bit a good news for Ron Paul in Colorado disgruntled Santorum supporters helped Ron get a majority of delegates i wonder if this will become a trend. I still believe he needs to win texas and california to win the nomination thats why he needs 2.5 million 2 run ads in those states I know people question his drug policy and his belief that Isreal should be able to make their own decide whats best 4 themselves. Before u judge him and call him crazy (like the media does) WATCH on youtube John Stossel war on drugs. NO GOVERNMENT OR ARMY CAN STOP AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME RON PAUL 2012

    • awayinthemanger

      Isn’t it cool! I thought about writing something about it last night….but I wanted to see if the mainstream media picked up on it, or not.

  2. flyoverhere

    It is my hope that my state, Texas, will go to a winner take all primary and that RP will win. I know that I won’t be voting for Romney in the primary election. The Conservative base has been sending a message all during this process and I want there to be a real debate at the convention about small government!

    • awayinthemanger

      I hope the same thing. I’ve felt for a long time that the whole thing depends largely on what happens in Texas and California. I’m personally tired of the party hacks forcing their cookie cutter candidates down our throats. Maybe I’m mistaken, but I really don’t feel like I can vote for Romney. He seems to me to be merely Obama-lite.

  3. Christianity is the cornerstone of our republic « noxforchristmas

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  4. Jeff

    Whats funny is that the media for the last few weeks have said where is Ron Paul he cant be found maybe he is going 2 drop out. It should be asked where is the media? It is easy 2 find him It seems that thousands of people can find him, but they cant.

    • awayinthemanger

      The media can’t find him, because they don’t really want to do their jobs. Their too busy jumping through the hoops corporate gives them to do their real jobs. I know….doesn’t sound familiar to us at all….

  5. Jeff

    Pat Robertson gave an interesting stat he said America only makes up 5% of the world population but we lock up 25% of the world population

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