Christianity is the cornerstone of our republic

The Emancipation Proclamation will turn 150 this year. Today is not the anniversary…..but Washington D. C. is celebrating Emancipation Day. Because, 150 years ago today, Lincoln freed all of the slaves in the District of Columbia. This was seen by many as the beginning of the end of slavery.

Abraham Lincoln has always been one of my heroes. There are many reasons why, but the top of the list is the freeing of the slaves. I’ve always had this place in my heart for freedom fighters, and lovers of liberty. Leonidas, Spartacus, Moses, Jesus, the Founding Fathers, William Wallace….their names and their stories bring a chill to my spine, a tear to my eye, and fill my tired old heart with some dim vestige of hope.

Ron Paul Kenobi....your my only hope....

I don’t think I’m the only one with this dream in his heart. Lets face it….one of the reasons Star Wars became so famous was because it was a group of heroic freedom fighters trying to rebel against an oppressive evil Empire. Sure we all loved the lasers and fight scenes and space chase scenes. I was a kid then….all the cool aliens were spiffy keen. But the movie still resonates with me. I can identify with Luke’s longing to get away from the petty hum drum of every day life and make an impact on the world around him. It makes sense that you’d rather be dead than a slave. And then there are the themes of family, forgiveness, and redemption.

Most of us have forgotten where a lot of those themes came from. Star Wars is awesome, and I love how it is

Sometimes I am frightened, but I'm willing to learn the power of myth....

so strongly influenced by Joseph Campbell’s wonderful book, The Power of Myth. I’ve read the book, but I don’t own it. Because I think that sometimes, we forget that not all things are merely metaphors. Don’t get me wrong…I love symbolism. Its one of the reasons why I am attracted by conspiracy theories (and that temptation gets stronger as I see the rotten things the media has done to Ron Paul). But I know that not all things are merely metaphors. And that metaphors are not as powerful as the real things themselves.

Every nation on earth has a myth of the Man-God who lives, dies, and is born again…and in so doing, saves humanity and All Good Things. A lot of people use that as evidence that there is no God. There can’t be…all turns out to be is our own Freudian wishful thinking. We want an all-powerful, all loving Father (or Mother), and so, we imagine He exists.

Its even in Star Wars, a little. Ben Kenobi lives, dies, and lives again as the ghost like guide of Luke. Han Solo lives, “dies” when he’s frozen in carbonite, and lives again as a better man (he even gets his eyes opened from his previous blindness). And of course, Vader himself. He lived as Anakin, died to become Vader, and was reborn as Luke’s father at the very end, when he chooses the love of his son over the dark Power granted him by the Dark Side.

This bothered me a lot as a freshman in college. Were all the things I believed about God merely

And God help us if we don't learn from experience....."Duncan Mcshame" 1971-????

day dreams and wish fulfillment? Had the difficult life that I had led caused me simply to take the false opiate of religion? Was the despair of this life so unbearable, that I had to invent fairy tales of a better world, in order to have enough false hope to bear this one? I brooded long over these dismal thoughts, and went to and fro in my Bible, like a devil wandering the world alone.

One of the papers I wrote for my honors English course was on C. S. Lewis’ The Abolition of Man. I’d already read The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Screwtape Letters. These were good, but they were fiction. As much as I might long to go to Narnia, as a grown man, I had to admit that there was no Narnia.

But Lewis showed that it was very highly possible that some of the higher things I believed might not be all shadows and chicanery, after all. I will try to write more about this later, as I’ve written enough, now. For now….happy Emancipation Day!


8 Responses to “Christianity is the cornerstone of our republic”

  1. Jeff

    A Ron Paul supporter has created a Ron Paul game free on the internet and making a better version 4 the xbox

    • awayinthemanger

      I’ll have to look at it….what is the objective? Do you run for President and try to win while the media ignores/lies about you….?

  2. Jeff

    It is a side scrolling game similar to sonic and mario. He goes through levels(the 50 states) collecting gold(sound money) and delegates. He also fights bosses heads of the dept of governments I wonder if Bernake will be the final boss. The reason i bring it up it gives me insight and hope 4 a certain retail game.

    • awayinthemanger

      Yeah….I still need to find some programers for this thing. It does have a vague similarity to the R. R. game in question…..

  3. Jeff

    I wish the republican nomination would mimic the fable the tortoise and the hare Rominey (the hare) gets off 2 a big lead in delegates gets overconfident and forget the slow and steady tortoise(Ron Paul)

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