Random thoughts on Federalist 19

North Korea, against all the saber rattling of Western nations, tested a multistage rocket that, some say, could potentially carry a nuclear warhead long distances. It failed, rather like Wiley Coyote‘s attempts to get the Road Runner. I’m not sure…but I think we should spend eight years trying to beat them into being a democracy.

Or, maybe, we should send the military to teach the Coyote to live in peace with the Road Runner.

Ok….so I’ve been reading the Federalist Papers, working like a dog (no offense to my blogging friend who is a dog….howzitgoin bongodogblog!!???), and more or less brooding over the injustice of this fallen world.

I’ve just finished Federalist 19. It’s Hamilton and Madison’s attempt to enlighten us about the more modern (you know….since AD 900) examples of confederacies and quasi-republics. I don’t see any quotes in it that would really speak to the modern reader….unless, like myself (and maybe Mere Inkling) your just interested in history, politics, and the way it all relates to the salvation of our souls.

It’s mostly about the chaos of the nations. Just like now….when we’re terrified of North Korea getting the nuke….and really don’t know what to do about it.


3 Responses to “Random thoughts on Federalist 19”

  1. Jeff

    I wonder if N. Korea and Iran get their weapons from the Acme co. like wile e coyote

    • awayinthemanger

      lol….yeah….and I think that Acme owns….you know….the strait company……

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