Joss Whedon directs the Avengers….but who will avenge our fallen Republic?

Posted On April 11, 2012

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Avengers reminds us of our youthful dreams, and tempts us to forget the brave men and women that fight and die for liberty....and not vengeance.

When I was younger, I was a fan of comics. Before I left home (nope, sorry, we don’t have time for that story….) I had no money, and so I had to make due with whatever few comics might fall my way from the charity of others. My brother gave me his when he went away to the military. Amongst them was one solitary issue of the Avengers. The hero’s in the comic were fighting The Stranger….a great god-like being who used his immense powers for schemes even more nefarious than trying to steal the Republican nomination.

At the end of the book, it turned out that they weren’t fighting the Stranger at all. It turned out that some petty minor villain called the Toad had stolen incredible technologies so that he could set up the illusion that he was the Stranger, and had nearly defeated the mighty Avengers with his deceptions. He did it all to impress some girl (at that age, I could really understand why someone would go through such great lengths to get the attention of a lady….now I’d go through that much effort if it would simply get me out of retail.)

I really kind of wish that it was the Stranger that was running Washington and Wall Street. At least then there would be a noble foe to fight. I could go down fighting, and think as I died, “At least I gave my life in a noble cause….at least I was bested by someone worthy of my metal.” Instead, Washington and Wall Street Toadies perform studies that keep me in my box. They rule the world with pettiness, and I fire my shots at them in this paltry blog. Toad nearly beat the Avengers…but he has America firmly under his boot. Screwtape runs our world, and he seeks to destroy us, not by turning us into murderers, but by numbing our hearts and minds with despair.

Screwtape on the campaign to damn our souls....It is funny how mortals always picture us as putting things into their minds: in reality our best work is done by keeping things out....Screwtape to Wormwood....

So, now, where are we left…? Santorum drops out of the campaign, as Duncan from Noxforchristmas rants on…..

One of the themes of most dystopia is that we want to empty our minds of thought. We must control our minds, so that we may not commit Thought Crime. It’s rather a perverse, Screwtape manner of perverting the Christian Saints ability to focus his thoughts, feelings, and prayers upon edifying subjects. But in Lewis’ (and my own) vision of Hell, all that we are lost automatons. Cast aside by a dark world that used us up and spit us out, we are left to rot and decay for eternity, where the worm never dies….

So….what is the point? I guess I’ll wrap this up with my customary quote from The Federalist  Papers, and maybe post a video or two to help make my point.

The Achaeans soon experienced, as often happens, that a victorious a powerful ally is but another name for a master. Federalist 18. Madison and Hamilton.

The Achaeans had allied themselves with Philip of Macedon. They were tired of being oppressed by Sparta. But when they opened their Republic up to Philip, he did defeat the Spartans….and then turned around and enslaved the Greeks. He set his son, Alexander, up for the conquest of the known world. And Alexander went forth, conquering, and to conquer.

We’ve sold our souls, we’ve sold our companies, we’ve sold our nation to the Devil. And while he may have defeated our political and economic rivals… is only a matter of time before Mephistopheles comes to collect from Faust what he was promised.

Real election fraud.




4 Responses to “Joss Whedon directs the Avengers….but who will avenge our fallen Republic?”

  1. Bongo

    It might be a whole lot simpler if the modern day Toads were just trying to impress a girl.

    • awayinthemanger

      Yeah….you’ll have to get your person to tell you about profit margins and short term goals….and other soulless idiocy. Dogs are better than people….

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