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This is reblogged from Chief of the least, one of the best Christian blogs I’ve found on the net. This has always been one of my favorite stories in the Bible, and this man puts it in excellent context. Go through the comments. At the bottom is a video of Penn from Penn and Teller. I’ve gotten some atheist friends and readers. This video reminds me of those that need to see more good Christians, and less hypocrisy….

Chief of the least

As Christians, we often spend a lot of time wondering what is wrong with us.

We hear of martyrs on foreign soil  laying down their lives for the gospel in bloody extravagant fashion. Church history testifies of men and women who stood against fierce political and social opposition and proclaimed boldly the foolishness of the cross. In our bible reading the fearless radical passion of the early church in the book of Acts is an indictment on our listless and dry spiritual estate.

Even reading a popular book calling us to “Radical” gospel commitments doesn’t necessarily bring the quick spiritual fix we long for.

It’s enough to make any solid sincere saint at the least question their own fruit, and at the most question their very salvation.

All of this begs the question.

Thankfully, as is always the case with the most important questions, the Bible is forthcoming with a more than adequate answer. It’s found…

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  1. chiefofleast

    Thanks for sharing brother! Peace and grace to you!

  2. Jeff

    Ron Paul had back to back crowds of 5000 at the university of Maryland and Madison, Wisconsin. The mainstream media says nothing about it. But when Biden went to Madison just a few days before it was all over the media and only 200 showed us. You can see the crowds for yourself at ron paul flix. Is America waking up?

    • awayinthemanger

      I’ve wondered about this myself. How is it that he draws enormous rock star crowds, yet can’t win any votes? But then, I suspect voter fraud….

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