Do you like living in the Matrix…..? I know I do!!!! Why Big Brother is so proud of America

Andrew Breitbart died today. He was only 43. That’s just three years older than yours truly. And on the way home from work today, I nearly had a terrible car accident. It just shows us how fragile life is. I was listening to Rush Limbaugh in my car while driving between the stores that I work at, and that was the first that I heard about it. I didn’t know that much about Breitbart (which shows how Aristotle was right….retail, at any rate, kind of makes it difficult to keep up with the times….).  I guess he was behind the famous expose’ of ACORN. You know, the famous revelation that they were giving out “tax advice” to illegal aliens, pimps, and prostitutes (“pb” doesn’t stand for pimp basher….).

I could tell that Rush was actually hurt over the loss of his friend. I know the pain of losing friends and family. Right now, I share with all of you the agony of losing my liberty.

There’s an excellent book, frighteningly relevant to our times. It’s called 1984. It has several topics in it that are relevant to lovers of liberty, but the one I want to deal with today is a lovely little concept called doublethink. This word is defined as “the power to hold two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and excepting both of them.” (Definition from You can find examples of this all over the place, but I find that politics, namely big government and big corporation politics, is rife with this disease. (Michael Savage says that “liberalism is a mental disorders.” I think that the disorder has another name, and runs deeper than politics….)

Take, for example, the idea that we go to Afghanistan and Iraq in order to fight terrorism. All this while, we’re fighting a war on drugs. Yet we guard opium fields, talk to the Taliban…..and fail to see the mental disconnect. Its doublethink. It will ensure the victory of the Party. It will keep us enslaved.

In The Matrix, Neo is offered a pill that will open his mind, and one that will empty his mind of the memory of the new, real world that he is seeing for the first time. (Yeah, I know… might seem that they are promoting drugs….maybe they are! This is Hollywood we’re talking about…I am absolutely against drug use, but the point is still to be made). This would not work on most of the American people today. They would take the pill, and see no problem at all with living the lie that they have always lived. Cypher need never have betrayed Neo! If he’d simply engaged in doublethink, he could have continued to eat delicious, tender, juicy, imaginary stake all of his life.

Agent Smith was wrong! “One of these lives has a future, and one of them does not!” He was so wrong! With just a little application of doublethink, Neo could have continued to take out his imaginary neighbor’s garbage, all the while knowing that he was living a lie! And not giving a flying flip about the lie!

This is exactly and precisely where the American people are enslaving themselves. While the American revolution happened in the hearts and minds of the American people before any shots were fired, the enslavement of America is happening in exactly the same place!

And as Super Tuesday looms closer, and the American people continue to vote for the Puppet Romney and the fake Santorum, I begin to despair of waking the American people up! No, it isn’t just that I reach so few people. I fully understand that I am but a still, small voice being drowned out by the cyclonic winds that buffet all of our lives. But there are other voices….millions of voices. Better voices than mine. And these voices are simply being ignored because those in power have set up a matrix of their own, in which they are insulated from our cries for freedom. Longshanks never heard William Wallace cry….until the end of the movie, when it was too late to change anything.

But this is no movie. We can’t just reset this. We can’t just rewind it or watch our lives again. This game is for real, and we’re playing for keeps. You don’t want to vote Ron Paul. Fine. But please, wake up. Be Real. Be Alive. Be the Being that God (I hope the atheist readers forgive me….I know some atheists read this, and they are not bad people….I’m just ranting with what is in my gut) intended you to be! Get off your duffs, turn off the t. v….! And for the love of Pete, start using your minds, instead of letting corporate America do it for you!!!! And may Breitbart rest in peace.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu agrees with Ron Paul


4 Responses to “Do you like living in the Matrix…..? I know I do!!!! Why Big Brother is so proud of America”

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  2. Jeff

    Big brother is always watching you

  3. Jeff

    At Cpac Breitbart said he would release the video of Obama during his college years on March 1st the day he died. Thanks for informing me about 1984. Havent read it yet but saw the trailer of the movie on youtube. I dont want anybody 2 ever live like that but it seems where we are headed. WAKE UP AMERICA

  4. Eimear Repeat

    Always desire to learn something useful. Sophocles

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