Romney beats Ron Paul by 200 votes in Maine caucus. 200 votes for continued Obamacare

There is more chance of winning the powerball lottery than of Ron Paul winning the nomination if you believe the media. I’ll admit, I have my own moments of discouragement. It seems the American people are more willing to vegetate to The Voice than they are to actually learn anything about history, politics, or economics. But even if the Republic is going to go down in flames, I’m going to do the little something that I can do, to try to preserve the liberties that men have died for.

I promised to answer questions about Obamacare. I feel I did that, but I didn’t do it in a post. I answer them in a page that you can click on above most of these posts. It is “Obama‘s Valentine to America, Free Health Care for life.” But I feel I need to do at least one more post about Obamacare before I move on to Ron Paul’s foreign policy, and his ideas to defend our borders. So, while I wish Ron Paul had won in Maine, I’m encouraged that he did double his percentages from 2008 (though most conservative media outlets won’t report that). And he only lost be 200 votes. Not terrible for someone who either is taboo, or unelectable. I know I’ve documented the media deceptions, but I’ll throw out a couple more videos, and then finish up with my take on Obamacare.

Busted: Fox News CPAC Ron Paul Video Deception

Ron Paul hate from establishment Republicans

Now that I have that out of my system, I need to tell you what makes Obamacare so bad for America?

I believe there are three reasons why the health care reform is untenable. I think it will actually 1) increase medical costs (we are told it will reduce them), 2) it will make insurance costs prohibitive to most businesses, especially small businesses, and 3) it is estimated to reduce physician salaries by 15% to 20% (but then, they make enough money any way….never mind their $100,000+ student loans that many of them have to repay…..)

1. Obamacare will increase, not decrease, medical costs.

It is an economic truth that government subsidies tend to increase the cost of things. Why do you think that farming is so heavily subsidized? People are told it is to keep the small farmers afloat and thus keep our food prices low. But the truth is that farmers have lobbied for about a hundred and fifty years for these subsidies, so that they can charge higher prices for food and make more money!

If you subsidize farmers, the price of food goes up. If you subsidize education, the price of a degree goes up. If you subsidize health care, the cost of health care goes up!

2. Obamacare will create prohibitive costs for businesses, especially small businesses.

I’ll just quote one thing for this. A 40% tax will be placed on “Cadillac” insurance plans.

These costs will be passed on to the consumer, or will be paid for by laying off employees. You know that rich fat cat employers won’t pay for it out of their own profits if they can avoid it. This is sheer speculation, but I wonder if this was a factor in the recent Pepsi layoffs.

Sidenote: another example of how the little guy gets to suffer, while the corporate big wig makes out like a bandit:

3. Physician income will drop 15% to 20%. Yet we’ll expect them to take better care of us…..? Seriously…..?

This seems to be the best site for this information:

Look, I know a lot of you get mad when someone makes money. (Some of you will think me a hypocrite…I’m mad that Amore is getting two million dollars, not because I don’t want people to make money, I just resent it when they are rewarded by crony capitalism. The money Amore made is fine….but don’t reward him two million for shafting thousands of hard workers!) But the truth is, I want my doctor well paid. I want him to have an incentive to take care of me. How much care would you take of someone if you’re only making minimum wage? When it comes to people, you get what you pay for. When it comes to government, do pay for what others get…..

And these are the reasons Obamacare is not good for the country. The only candidate that seriously wants to repeal it is Ron Paul. And, as a doctor and a student of economics, I think he has a better understanding of the situation than any of the other candidates. I’ll leave you with a video to that effect.

Ron Paul: Obamacare will damage doctor-patient relationship


5 Responses to “Romney beats Ron Paul by 200 votes in Maine caucus. 200 votes for continued Obamacare”

  1. jeff

    all tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for peole of good conscience to remain silent. thomas jefferson

  2. awayinthemanger

    Good quote, Jeff. And you and I raise our voices where we can, but it seems the media is very intent on silencing us…..

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