Ron Paul goes for the gold

Donald Trump endorsed Mitt Romney today. This was surreal to me, because I had been convinced last year that Donald Trump had embraced conservatism. He called Michael Savage on The Savage Nation, and told Savage how much he loved the book, Trickle Up Poverty, and how much it had opened his eyes. The book made Donald realize that the nation needed to be run like a business, not like an empire.

And then he turns around and endorses another Septicon that would continue running our nation….well, perhaps it is unjust to say Romney would run it like an empire. But at least, it would still be run “business as usual.”

I’m very grateful that some people have cited my little blog, and I’m a little sorry it took so long to get back to finishing this post. I work in retail, as some of you know, and during the first of the month, I get destroyed by all the foodstampers that come in hordes to buy my products….with the money that I as a taxpayer provide. So, not only do I get to work five times as hard, I also get the consolation of knowing that the few dollars extra I may be making are going right into the hands of these hapless foodstampers….its like a hellish Möbius strip…..

But that is not the topic at hand. I’ve been telling you how Ron Paul can revitalize our economy. I’ve cited how he predicted the housing collapse and the dismal unemployment, and hinted that his grasp of economics will be essential in solving our current crises. I’ve documented how spending has gotten completely out of hand, and needs to be drastically cut, quickly, if we are going to crawl out of this Slough of Despond. And I documented that the government has gotten too bloated and intrusive, and needs to go on a diet before it over regulates us back into the dark ages.

And no….I never suggested that we should fire all government workers…..though I absolutely don’t see why we need fifty czars in Washington…..nor how I can be expected to support the tax burden of paying salaries that are twice what I’m making……

On to points 4 and 5…..

4. We need to reestablish the gold standard, and only Ron Paul will do that.

I was watching my son last Sunday, and we were watching Biz Kids. The show was discussing money, what it was and how its value is determined. There was a skit where a Biz Kid shows up with a wheelbarrow full of Weimar Republic currency. The kid was certain they had struck it rich…..only to be told that the wheelbarrow was worth many times more than all the currency it held. Its funny that 9 year old kids are understanding something that Washington willfully refuses to grasp.

Personally, I wish I did know more about this issue. But I think its very curious that the gold standard was done away with by the illustrious Richard Nixon. And I think it interesting that the seventies saw the most drastic downturn in the economy of any time between now this recession, and the Great Depression. I feel the same way about money that I do about men. If they stand for nothing, they’ll fall for anything.

40 Years Ago Today Richard Nixon Killed the Gold Standard

I’m going to do a quick analysis of this video to demonstrate how a simple Macroecon course could have save our country.

First, Nixon promises that the action is temporary, and will only last until the dollar is stable again. Forty years later, and we still are trading funny money based on the “full faith and credit” of America…whatever the heck that is. Its kind of like Woodrow Wilson’s promise that, after WW I, we’d do away with the income tax. You can see how swiftly Washington acted on that promise….

Secondly, Nixon instigated this to “protect against speculators” that would play numbers games with currency that caused instability and increased profits of a few at the expense of the many. This sounds laudable, and would be wonderful if there were any truth to it. Perhaps I just don’t know enough, but it seems to me that it would actually be easier to play such numbers games with money that is largely just “1’s and zeros,” binary bits of our imagination, than it would be to manipulate something that stood for an objective quantity of any precious material.

His last assumption that I want to attack is that, as long as American’s are largely buying American goods, then the value of the dollar will remain largely constant, and won’t be drastically affected by the actions of currency manipulations. But that is no longer true. We now buy most of our goods from China, India, just about anywhere but here. So this point justifying ending the gold standard is utterly out of date.

5. Tax cuts and spending cuts will not be enough to save our nation.

This last point of mine is a little harder to articulate. Tax cuts and spending cuts are all well and good, but we actually need something more fundamental, more basic, more primal, if we are to save our nation. A critic of mine said that firing all government employees won’t stimulate the economy. I won’t deal with the unfairness of the statement. I’ll take it at face value. On the surface, he’s right. Firing all government employees would not stimulate the economy, and would simply destabilize things drastically. But I think the important point is the paradigm of the thing.

It has been said that there is no reality, only perception. I don’t want to embrace or debate the point here, but it is very true that our perceptions radically color our responses to the world. And I would like to ask…..why is it that we assume that the government is the economy.

They taught in Macroecon that the bulk of our GDP is consumption. At that time, government was roughly 20% of the economy, consumption was about 60%, and business was about 20%. The foreign trade was (and is) in the negatives, and theoretically drug our economy down. That’s been quite some time ago. And it has remained largely stable over the years.

Now….we live in a democratic republic founded on principles of individual liberty. So why would we want an economy that is government driven? Please understand, I get the whole corporate greed thing….but do you really think that Washington bureaucrats have your back any more than the slimy CEO. Believe me, it’s not the CEO eating all the cookies in the jar….the Washington insider is getting his share too. When did we decide that Washington knew better how to spend our money than we did?

Ron Paul is the only one that is seriously trying to take the power out of Washington’s hands, and put it into yours.

I’ve gotten a little long-winded here, but I hope I’ve made a few points worth considering. Thanks.


PS: These are good points, too….

Ron Paul’s speech after Florida primary, “We’ve only gotten started….”

Ron Paul on Occupy Wall Street/Crony Capitalism




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