Ron Paul, Abraham Lincoln of the twentyfirst century

The Republican race is now down to the final four. Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, and, to the chagrin of the Republican elite, Ron Paul. That pesky Paul just simply doesn’t know when he’s not wanted. Why won’t he just go away…..?

My title probably has a lot of you scratching your heads. Ron Paul is this nutty old man with the very unpolished mannerisms. He’s absolutely not what the establishment tells you is presidential. You just can’t imagine him on the golf coarse with Donald Trump. You can’t picture him as a great president for troubled times. He’s humble, unassuming, and honest. What we really need is the polish of Romney, the fight of Newt, the moral clarion call of Santorum.

How could I possibly compare him to Abraham Lincoln?

I think its very interesting that everyone keeps asking if he’s going to run as a third party candidate. When the Republican party first started, it was a third party. Back then, it was Democrats and Whigs. The Republicans were an upstart third party, trying to challenge the Washington elite on its narrow minded views on, and its compromise on, slavery.

You see, the Washington insiders were tearing this country apart. They had a dynamic where the nation was almost perfectly polarized, yet there was eternal compromise in order to keep the power elite in power. Lincoln came on the scene as a hay seed lawyer that had failed at nearly everything in his life.

I give this site as the source of the information I’m about to share, and in the hopes that maybe some folks will visit it and be inspired.

Lincoln was a failure in the military. He was a failure at business. He lost multiple elections, the senatorial election of 1854, the vice-presidency of 1856, and the senatorial election of 1858. He was very much a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief. “He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him. He was despised….”

Lincoln has come to be honored, but in his day, he was considered a country lout who should have stayed in his log cabin and kept chopping wood. The South seceded as much because they hated him as because they feared the abolition of slavery. The first years of the war his officers largely ignored him or insulted him, even though he made every effort to listen to them, and supported the troops as well as his inexperience could allow.

We honor him now, but in his life, Lincoln was thought of as a joke. He wasn’t taken seriously until very near the end of the Civil War.

Ron Paul is obviously looked down on by the media elite on both sides of the aisle. I’ve documented it. Others with more skill and professionalism have documented it. If Washington had its way, he would have stayed home in Texas and kept delivering babies. He’s nowhere near the failure that Lincoln was, but he has run multiple times for President, and has never been allowed to get close by the party apparatchiks. We also live in very polarized times when principles are compromised for the base purpose of idolizing power. The military respects Ron Paul, but the news-media outlets do not. And, like Lincoln, Ron Paul is radically principled, and yet willing to respect the considerations of opposing values.

Lincoln was elected largely by accident. Let’s pray that such a providential accident happens again.

Winston Churchill failed 6th grade. His strategies for World War I were rejected. He intended to cut up through Africa, meet the Italians (who were allies in that war) and cut up underneath Germany. The flag officers thought it was stupid. Its exactly the path Patton took in the Second World War to defeat the Axis. Churchill lost every major election until he was chosen Prime Minister at 62. And when Britain was done with him, they cast him away like an empty pop can. Obama recently returned the bust of Churchill to Britain. The man was a failure, like Lincoln. But they were failures that saved our world, and succeeded in the struggle to make men free. They were Christ-like figures.

And, win or lose, I’d put Ron Paul, right along side them.



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