Ship grounding educates America about our government. Or, if ya don’t wanna lead, don’t be the captain!!!!

The captain of luxury cruise ship Costa Concordia is being blamed for running his ship aground while showing off to a twenty five year old honey. Its reported that he abandoned his ship to founder helplessly, and then failed to coordinate any efforts at saving the passengers and crew for which he was responsible. I apologize for the swearing that’s on this video, but I think I’ll show it in order to make a point. If swearing offends you, I’ll tell you a little about what is said later. But I think the video will make my point better than I will.

So, the captain is ordered by the authorities to board the broken husk of the ship he was accountable for…..and, for a solid hour, he won’t do it! He’s more concerned with himself than he is for the people he is honor bound to protect. Everyone compares it to the Titanic….but that captain went down with his ship.

His excuse is that he tripped, fell into the life boat, and then….well, I guess he was just such an incompetent sailor, that he just couldn’t get the life boat to get him back to the ship. Truly a brother of the Admiral Lord Nelson there!!!! (Kirk would have kicked his keister!!!)

But seriously, I think that this story is a parable for the age. The People at the Top, in Washington, in board rooms across the world, and, evidently, in navigation rooms, have all abandoned the ideals of honor and duty. None of them believe in the Mandate of Heaven. The Chinese and Japanese believed that the Emperor ruled by the Mandate of Heaven. If the Emperor loved his people and served their interests, then Heaven backed him. If he did not….

A story goes that an Emperor was asked about the Mandate of Heaven from his son, the presumed heir to the throne. The boy felt that if Heaven was on his side, then he could do whatever he wanted. The Emperor, his father, replied, “The Mandate of Heaven is like a stately ship floating on the waters of the China Sea. The sea can bear you up and take you on pleasant journeys where you want to go. Or, the sea can smash you like a twig, sink your hopes, and drown you beneath the angry waves.”

The son asked, “Who is in control then, the sea, or the captain that pilots the vessel?”

The father smiled and said, “The sea and its gods are in control. You must learn to pilot your vessel, so that you may have the best hope of harmony with the sea. He who is a lazy captain does not have the Mandate of Heaven.”

I’ve gone a long road here to make a simple point, but I think the world needs to hear it. Too many “leaders” bully their way through life, leaning on their power and position to get what they want. But their not truly leaders. They have no courage, no conviction. No bravery. And they care only for themselves.

So, if you’ve followed this blog, you may be asking yourself (and the days go by…..same as it ever was….same as it ever was….same as it ever was…..) “Duncan has been ranting and raving about Ron Paul! What has all this got to do with Ron Paul!”

It’s a simple question every American voter should be asking him/herself. What kind of leader do I want at the helm of our nation? Do we want business as usual, when our so called leaders (to those who know me best, think Khurgan Theme here….) are running the ship of state so perilously and so obviously close to the rocks of Economic Armageddon?

I think we want someone who is courageous, someone who thinks more of us than of himself, and someone who “respects the sea” as he tries to navigate.

Yes, I could be mistaken. But at this hour, I think that person is Ron Paul. It takes guts to go so far against the Washington elite for so long. He can’t be doing it solely for himself. If her were working for selfish motives, he would have caved long ago, and bought into the party line! And I’ll end this with three videos that, I think, speak for themselves.








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