We’re not even smart enough to pick a nominee…..but the Republican elite and media have us covered…..

Conservative media outlets have conspired to convince us that Ron Paul is a nut-job. If you listen to them, he’ll just let the country be bombed right and left, and Jihadists will laugh at our steaming corpses while Ron Paul keeps preaching about respecting other countries. If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. “I can support anyone over Obama…..except Ron Paul…..”

That is, in fact, one of the reasons why I started looking into this guy. If all of my heroes, Limbaugh, Hannity, Boortz, even Glenn Beck…..there must be something truly dangerous about this guy.

There’s a little Doc Savage there….I don’t agree that Rush Limbaugh is a talentless hack…..but I fear I’m more on the side of Savage, at the moment, then El Rushbo.

Here, we hear Sean Hannity, (who, until six months ago, was my favorite news/media mogul), dismissing RP four years ago as “not going anywhere.” Is it possible that we might have avoided four years of Obama if my own heroes had simply been a little more open minded…..?

Again, Hannity, four years ago. I’ve been observing, and trying to document, how enormously well RP does in on-line polling. Yet the media rarely reports it, almost never believes it…..and somehow, with all these people supporting him in a democracy….he still keeps losing! I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist….but something is going on that I, for one, simply don’t understand and cannot explain. And it is fairly well documented (heck, even just my little blog establishes it) that, in spite of El Rushbo’s opinion to the contrary, the media does everything it can to ignore Ron Paul!


At the end, Hannity tells Paul that he asks controversial questions of all the candidates. And that is true. But, in all my years of listening, he has never been so disrespectful of a candidate. And I’ve never seen him (till here) get so dismissive and confrontational with someone that so nearly agrees with Hannity’s own positions. I also think its interesting that RP remembers the anniversary of the Tea Party Movement….Hannity doesn’t……

Then there was Glenn Beck. He’s another one of my heroes. But I really don’t know what to make of his reactions to RP. The first video I’m going to put up may seem to be damning to my point. And in fact, it may be. I am but a humble blogger trapped in a dead end retail job. But I’m going to include it 1) because the truth is more important than my opinions, 2) because I think it will actually help me make my point. But you’ll have to bear with me, and be patient (I know, asking someone on the internet to be patient is like asking a customer in my industry to be kind and respectful….)

Now, if you’ve watched that, I have three things to say to it.

1. Ron Paul doesn’t “tell the truth” about the 9/11 conspiracy theories because…..drum roll please……just like he told the lady…..he has bigger fish to fry!!!

I hope you can understand this point. He’s being accosted by a crazy conspiracy theorist and he just simply doesn’t want to waste his time on her lunacy! Duh! Rather like, if a customer approaches me in my store asking me about the Elvis clones that are telling him/her to pelt fellow customers with feces….I’m gonna find a way to be busy elsewhere, with something else!

2. If Ron Paul and George Soros are working in cahoots together, then why is Soros making false accusations against Ron Paul!!!???


3. If Ron Paul is working with the “dark side,” then how do you explain this video….also from Glen Beck?



I love ya GB! I’ve learned a ton of things from you. And I know you’ll probably never read this, but how can you say, “This man works with Barney Frank….and George Soros….but he’s also head and shoulders more like our founding father’s than anyone else running. And you tell us that such a fiend is less progressive than Newt Gingrich (but then, maybe ol’ Newt is in bed with Soros and Frank, too….I’ll do a little digging on that). Sorry man! Doesn’t make sense (unless your gonna tell me these videos were doctored, like Oprah’s “endorsement” of Ron Paul).

I’ve gotten some more videos, and they’ll make my point better than my paltry words can.





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