Voters seek Republican leadership, but get Constitutional freedoms slashed on right and left

Posted On January 15, 2012

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Romney, Ron Paul, and Newt Gingrich are all unelectable…..we hear this over and over from various media outlets. And, of coarse, all three hint that the others are, in fact, unelectable. But I think that history has shown that almost anything can happen. The only possibility that seems unfeasible to me at this point is the election of a third party candidate.

But then, there’s a first time for everything.

Let’s face it. The history of the Republican party is full of ups and downs, victories and defeats. (Anyone remember a little something called the Civil War!?…..minor little detail in the party’s history…..really not worth remembering…..) Nixon nearly brought it to its knees with his corruption and lies.

It looked like the Republican party was over. It was the party of lies, corruption, greed, it was the party of Rockefeller, and big intrusive government, and large corporations making vast wealth at the expense of the hard working poor.

Reagan wanted to change that image….and the party, at first, rejected him.

They nominated the intensely mediocre Ford. The Democrats (who also have a very colorful history….but I ain’t writing about them now….am I!) nominated a wealthy peanut farmer. A former Navel commander, they felt he would be good for the military. He had the simplicity and a little of the polish of a Southern gentleman. A Southern gentleman who was humble….and who promised never to lie to us. One can only wonder if Obama was channeling Carter a little when he promised more transparency in our government.

The Republican party finally got its act together (I wonder if the Democrats ever will), and nominated Reagan for the 1980 campaign. People were suffering, they were hungry for true leadership. While he was not perfect (Iran-Contra comes to mind….and I still rather resent all the FDIC foreclosures on small banks in the early eighties) Reagan was a true leader. He inspired us, he had vision, and he had the strength of his convictions.

I’ll have to cut this short, because my wife is needing some help. But let me make one quick point. In 1976, Reagan wrote a letter in a time capsule, to be opened in a hundred years. We are now closer to the halfway mark than one third. We are becoming the people will know whether the things that were done led us to freedom and liberty, or to enslavement and despair.


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