Conservative values betrayed by the Republican elite. Ron Paul and the American Constitution

Ron Paul is unelectable. Odd….when he was the most mentioned candidate on Twitter during the recent N. H. elections, beating Romney in Tweet mentions by a percent!

Ironically, and demonstrably, RP was ignored by the media before his second strong showing.

I’ve been a conservative for the last twenty years. I’ve been (and still am) a huge fan of Ronald Reagan, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Neal Boortz, and, most recently, Michael Savage. For a time I was a great fan of George Bush, Jr. But my opinion of him has slid a little, in the last few years.

Recently, on the way home from work, I discovered the Savage Nation. At first, I thought he was a ranting, angry conspiracy theorist. But he was entertaining, and the drive home was long…..

And while I love music, my tastes are too eclectic for most radio stations. So I listened, and I researched. And I found that he was frighteningly close to the truth sometimes, when I really didn’t want him to be.

Then, a friend of mine introduced me to Glenn Beck. I’ve only  caught a few of his shows, but they have also been very informative. Especially about the Fed, and the way our government and big businesses have shoved America to the brink of economic Armageddon.

And then my friend told me he was supporting Ron Paul. I was supporting Herman Cain at the time. That is now a moot point. I started to support Gingrich (all the while thinking my friend was crazy). Then, I noticed something.

Most of the conservative talk radio people I loved said that they would support anyone over Obama….except for Ron Paul! I couldn’t help but wonder…..was my friend seriously deluded…..or was something going on in Conservatism that I couldn’t grasp?

So I started doing my own research on the internet. Instead of the deranged huckster everyone warned me about, I found a wise, grandfatherly statesman. No….he didn’t have the charm and charisma of Reagan (if he did, I think he’d be running away with the election) but the things he said largely made sense. And the more I dug into his “insane” foreign policy, the more it made sense.

Why do you think there was a tea party movement? The American people want freedom, they want liberty, they want prosperity, and, while we may disagree about what it is, most of us want some form of morality. Sounds like Conservatism, not Liberalism. But then, Liberalism is nothing like that virtue described by Aristotle.

And Conservatism has been robbed from Reagan loving everyman, and turned into Progressivism. So the Tea Party Movement evolved to get Washington to hear us. And they are not. Sarah Palin warned the Republicans….ignore Ron Paul supporters at your own risk……

In one of my earlier posts, I spelled out how the Constitution has been gradually eroded since the time of FDR (possibly even before that time.…l-constitution/

Do you think Americans want the status quo anymore? We’re tired of being lied to. We’re tired of being manipulated. We’re tired of watching our economic dreams whither away as Washington and big corporations steal the money from our hard earned pay checks. And we are absolutely weary of watching our Constitutional rights being thoughtlessly tossed aside by corrupt politicians and soulless bureaucrats. Its time for another revolution. Pray it is without guns.

I realize that this has largely been a rant. I haven’t supported my points as well as I could have (though, I feel, I support them better than many of our opponents on both sides of the aisle do). But we have absolutely got to turn back the tide of the Progressives. Or it will be over for America as we know it.

My wife was looking up Ron Paul videos last night, while I was sick with some cold or something. And she watched RP’s speech announcing that he’d earned second place in the N. H. elections.

She loved it when the crowd started chanting, “Ron Paul revolution, bring us back our Constitution!” And that is exactly what needs to happen. I don’t know if RP can win. I do know that his campaign is about the only one that is evoking any true passion. That is another thing American’s are deathly tired of. Living lives without passion. Washington and the bloated corporate media complex have blinded us too long, telling us that we must be responsible, but we can’t hold them responsible. All the while, they use our money to support the most irresponsible people and the most irresponsible agendas. Vote for Ron Paul, and send the Washington fat cats packing!


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