This is the last worthless year that we’ll have to spend…..w. apologies to Don Henley

I promise it isn’t writer’s block. Part of it is that I look at the freshly pressed blogs of, and am just overwhelmed at how good some of them are. And how admittedly lousy mine is. I wonder how someone did this or that. But another part if that I’m watching my son, and he is craving my attention. He wants to watch Horton Hears a Who. Remember, a person is a person, even if he votes for Ron Paul.

Well, I’d best go. I know that the first thing I did in 2011 was to read out of the Silmarilion. This year, I think it was to kiss my wife, and read from George MacDonald’s The Princess and the Goblin. Anywho, belated happy new year, and congratulations to the candidates that did well in the Iowa caucus!

“Duncan McShame”


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