Posted On January 4, 2012

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I’ve been sitting here, uninspired. I wrote a post, of sorts, a quote from Amusing Ourselves to Death. Hopefully, I won’t remind you too much of Angela Landsbury in Sound of Music, but I think I shall ramble  a while about the things that inspire me.

Jesus. The Bible. Books. C. S. Lewis. The Chronicles of Narnia. The Lord of the Rings. The Silmarillion. (Oh yes……I’ve ended and begun decades with that tome…..) The Gettysburgh Address. Alfred Lord Tennyson. In Memoriam. The Idylls of the King.  George MacDonald. Scotland. William Wallace. Braveheart. The Gypsy Scholar. Sappy music. Michail W. Smith. (Is that spelled right…..?) Conservative Talk Radio. The History Channel. The wind in the leaves as it whispers to the trees.

And, yes, if you’ll forgive me….country music. I love artistic things. Real art, mind you. Nothing that the Endowment of the Arts would fund. Nothing involving Jesus and urine.

May God be merciful to us.

I used to judge a book or a song (sometimes, even, a friend) by its ability to leave me feeling that my best friend had moved out of town forever. A kind of lonesome, ghosty feeling. The song, Colder Weather, by the Zac Brown band, left me feeling that old feeling for the first time in nearly a year. There were so many nuances, so many ways one could interpret both the video and the song. Why does the guy go hunting in such horrible conditions?

Anyway, my wife just called, and the neuron has quit firing.

She inspires me, too. As does my son. And I realize one aspect of Colder Weather that haunts me is the idea of a man chasing his dreams, so that he can give his love a good life….but yet chasing that dream takes you away from her…..

And the Ghost of Her can haunt you very much, when She is gone……

I also get inspiration from Phil Collin’s music. Against All Odds. Your no Son of Mine.

A different artist….but I love the quote, “I would spend forever here/ and not be satisfied……”


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