Christmas is over….now what…..?

What to do with a blog about Christmas, now that Christmas is over:

1. Gift wrap it and give it as a present to Hugo Chavez

Of coarse, Hugo received massive amounts of coal in his stocking this year, for trying to make himself a god. Because of this, he may be feeling a little left out of the Christmas joy. So, in the spirit of giving (and ol’ Duncan here is all about the giving) maybe I should just gift wrap this whole mess and send it to him in a big red bow. Either this, or a big red india rubber ball. If it was good enough for wicked king John, it should be more than tolerable for ol’ Rico Suavez…..

2. Start sending spam e-mails beginning with, “You have won the Caribbean Lottery….

Ok, so that has nothing to do with this blog, and will invite much anger from the pro Fidel Castro camp. But seriously, I would gladly give my checking act. number and pin numbers out for just a taste of all those millions that we all know are sitting there, waiting for us, in the Federated Bank of Nassau.

To the tune of Abba’s Fernando:

There was something in my blog account, I could not flout/ Fidel Castro!

Money is there for you and me, giving liberty to Fidel Castro!

Though we thought there was no way Obama could win…..there’s no regret….

If we had to vote the same again, we would not befriend Ocastro!!!!!!

3. Keep writing pointless stuff about everything, just…you know…..try to keep it entertaining…..

Probably needs no commentary. Well, to quote Queen (and who does want to live forever….?) the show must go on!!!!! And while it may not be real informative or coherent, I will try my best to keep the six of you entertained.

Yours conservatively, Duncan McShame


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