two nights before Chrismas. The eve of the eve of Christmas Eve

Posted On December 23, 2011

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I cannot say stop the insanity. There have been exactly six views of this blog, and I can’t blame anyone for not coming back. I’m alone, waiting for my wife and kid to come back home, and wondering about all the bittersweet thoughts that float around in my confounded cerebrum. (Or is it cerebellum).

I with that this could have been some great clarion call to my fellow Christian Americans.  I wish I could cry out to all of you. I wish I could get everyone to awaken to the darkness that threatens to destroy us all. But nobody is listening.

How many sites can be found for pornography this X-mas? How many lost souls would rather look at lewd pictures of a Kardashian sister rather than celebrate the birth of the Greatest Man that ever lived? How many watch reality tv while Rome burns?

I wish I was a Glen Beck or a Michail Savage. I wish I could get you to pay attention. I wish I could enspire you to live better lives, be better husbands and wives, give more love and less….

….but what is it the average person gives? Anything at all? How many of us would be complete wastes of space if we weren’t such efficient producers of Co2 from our lungs? At least plants benefit from our transpirations. How many people recieve no benefit from our breathe, from our words, actions, thoughts, and deeds?

How many of us accomplish little more than flipping from one channel to the next?

We have let them lull us to sleep. Japan awakened the sleeping giant, and we have allowed the progressive government medial complex to lull us back into a deeper, darker drouse full of nightmares and delusions dreary with dreams of empty promises, broken relics of worker’s paridii that never came to be.

And, this side of Heaven, never will. I so remember, when I was young, thinking I could change the world with my talents and creativity.

Nobody heard then. And nobody is listening now.

Here is a link to a very vaguely related story:


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