Another “duh” moment…..

Posted On December 23, 2011

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I think about how nobody is reading this, and I think several things. One is that, while I want to remain anonymous, it is impossible for people to relate to a faceless entity. That is one reason why so many are against big government and big business. We don’t like that which is faceless.

Side note: Lewis would ask, how can we look upon the gods, until we have faces…..?

So let me reintroduce myself under a pseudonym. Of all figures of history, the one I most identify with, (though I’m not half the man he was) is William Wallace. No…..that won’t do. I look nothing like Mel Gibson. More like Mel Blanc. Robert Bruce….? No…..nothing noble or kingly about me…..

Duncan, perhaps…..a good Scottish name. I’m part Scott….maybe that is why I am a hopeless romantic.

You see….I had a love affair with America…..I thought to myself, “How beautiful the sunrise as it radiates from the sullen, somber clouds. How lovely, the thought that every man might eat his own food at the foot of his own tree, loving his wife and family in the door of his own house.”

I know….a silly dream. A teenagers dream. So why, now that I am forty, why do I still have these silly notions of personal liberty and dignity? How have I held on to the tattered remnants of my patriotism through all these long and dusty years.

Michael W. Smith answers that question best in his song:

Any how, this is “Duncan” (please, no derogatory Highlander comments), signing off…..


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