Devious plot

Posted On December 16, 2011

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With apologies to my lovely wife, who is trying to keep me positive…..

I’m off of work, watching my kid. I’m trying to convey a few truths, but I think others have done it better.

This person, for example:

And here is something you might like to know:

I’m not good at photo shop, but I took a few minutes to create this “masterpiece.”

Anyway, maybe it conveys a little bit of my horror at people who are setting themselves up to be equal with God. Sorry, I know one or two of the six people who’ve bothered to read my rants are Christian, but I thought that the Adam Carallos rant was highly apropos of our times.

I find myself tempted to be envious of all those bloggers out there who are better than me. But the truth is, I just need to get my lazy tail in gear and become better at it.

And, you ask, how does this run with the theme or your blog, silly retail twit? Well, the twit answers:

The spirit of Christmas is giving. Is building others up. Is finding ways to become a winner, and help others become winners.

The spirit of Xmas is taking. Is tearing others down if they don’t give or receive the right material gifts. Is whining about being a loser, or looking down on others and seeing them as losers.

Anyway, feel free to leave a comment. And anyone with any tips on photoshop (do they even call it that, anymore….I’m about ten years out of the game….) I do welcome useful (and largely positive) criticism.


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