Christmas blues….or Xmas blues……

Posted On December 14, 2011

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I hope this doesn’t give away too much about who I am. But quite often I have to drive to the home office (sort of) and get my little ordering machine to play well with the other dark electronic gods of profit. I was there, tonight, quite late, and a little less than happy to be there instead of at home watching Battlestar Galactica. Anywho, on the wall was a paper advertising help for the depressed during the holiday seasons.

Now, I hope this won’t turn off too many people, but I have more than a little experience with depression.

So that is my little pointless rant for the night. Do the holidays depress you? Comment on it. Let us know. You might be surprised how many others feel the emptiness too.

That is why I agree with CS Lewis. I posit two holidays. Christmas: a celebration of the birth of Christ by Christians.

And Xmas. A dark corruption of that celebration. A day that has been nearly bereft of its original meaning by the common greed of our culture. The megacorps feed you the line… our stuff for Xmas, and people will love you and you will find happiness.

We buy the stuff, end up further in debt, and still find no love in the hearts surrounding us.

The emptiness of X-mas rolls on like a juggernaut.

What of the fullness of Christmas? Those of us who claim Christ as our Savior……how do we combat this emptiness. Sometimes it is tempting to just go to a monastery, and forget about the problems of others. But that surely is not the answer. Surely we are to be in this world, though not of it. Surely there is something in the true Spirit of Christmas that can fill the void caused by X-mas…..?

What do you think?


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