Vacation is almost over

Posted On December 11, 2011

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So now I grouse inwardly, thinking how I was going to get so much accomplished over the vacation. I was going to make this blog great, I was going to make progress on my book. Instead, I largely slept and contributed to that great Exmas rush that CS Lewis wrote about. Right now, my wife is trying to get the house ready for a visit from my family, and I type, disgruntled, wondering why I am so lazy. Wishing that I could put the blame on the world, or on the difficulty of retail, or some other thing.

But there are positives, as well. I’ve grown a little closer to my wife and son over the vacation. We may merely be further entrenching ourselves in our antisocial enclave, but that’s ok. To paraphrase Dr. Phil, we’re trying to make ourselves happy, rather than right!


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