Drinking cold coffee, watching my son, and wondering if I get it….

Posted On December 7, 2011

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The title pretty much tells the story. I’m off……

But not to see the wizard. My wife and my mother in law…..

They’re out shopping for Christmas. Remember….no x for Christmas!!!! I really don’t think I’m one of the people who “gets” Christmas.

Don’t worry. My wife told me not to be too bitter, so I will try my best to be somewhat positive and upbeat. But, like so many of you out there, it can be a challenge to stay positive during holidays.

Especially this holiday. I think a quote from a book will explain it best. This is from Surprised by C S Lewis, George MacDonald, and Dante.

“In 1954 Lewis published a very different kind of fantasy about Christmas, “Xmas and Christmas.” It is an essay about the strange island called Niatirb…and the winter festival called Exmas….

One of the customs that fills the marketplace with crowds during the foggiest and rainiest season fo the year is the great labor and weariness of sending cards and gifts. Every citizen has to guess the value of the gift that every friend will send him so that he may send one of equal value whether he can afford it or not. Everyone becomes so pale and weary that it looks as if calamity has struck. these days are called the Exmas Rush. Exhausted with the Rush, most citizens lie in bed until noon on the day of the festival. Later that day they eat far too much and get intoxicated. On the day after Exmas they are very grave because they feel unwell and begin to calculate how much they have spent on Exmas and the Rush.”

Well, I would love to follow up with a rant, but I promised to stay positive, so I will let this quote speak for itself. And I will with the three people who may read this a very merry Christ‘s Mass…..


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