What we mean by noxforchristmas (for unto us a child is born) Isaiah 9:6

So I’m trying to write a novel, right, and my wife tells me I should write a blog in order to get noticed by the powers that be (though I never was very fond of the gods in the silver tights). What followed was some months of argum…..I mean discussion…..about what should go into it. Recently I became adamant that we start. She wanted a Christmas theme.
So, we brainstorm about Christmas, and we decide that the most relevant topic we can think of for Christmas (drum roll please) is how the world is trying to take Christ out of Christmas. Make it X-mas. Hence our title, noxforchristmas.
Readers of Madeline L’Engle may see the best meaning of this title…..
At any rate, we will try to pry ourselves away from our insanely busy lives to explore the idea, what would Christmas be without Christ? Would the world be a better, or a worse place if Christmas should (d)evolve into Winter Holidays?
Just to warn ya, we are not very objective on this questions. Both of us are Christians. There are many areas of contention and disagreement between my wife and I, but we both agree about the deity of Christ. We welcome (respectful) atheist comment, but the purport of this blog will be that Christmas without Christ is X.
And while X can be defined in nearly infinite ways algebraically, for our intent, we speculate that x is the sum of our fears. The sum of despair from purposeless lives. The sum of cruelty buried in the hearts of men. The sum of emptiness that we experience and exude when we live lives without Christ.
And thus, we warmly wish for the two people who know who we are….we truly desire, for you, no x for Christmas!!!!!


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